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‘Act like a stiff’: To fight impeachment, Trump tries to look presidential

President Donald Trump has spent the first week of public impeachment hearings tamping down his fiery Twitter feed, instead adopting a more solemn, low-key demeanor in public appearances. | Alex Brandon/AP Photo */ ]]> President Donald [...]

What India Looks Like When the Air Turns to Poison

NEW DELHI — Air pollution in India’s capital climbed to poisonous extremes over the weekend and into Monday, blanketing streets in an opaque haze, delaying flights and prompting fights between politicians over who was to blame. Every [...]

AP Explains: What a Trump impeachment trial might look like

WASHINGTON (AP) – As House Democrats quickly move forward with impeachment proceedings, the likelihood grows that Donald Trump will become the third president to face a Senate trial to determine whether he should be removed from office. The [...]

‘It’s not like she hates lobbyists’: Warren’s Senate record doesn’t match her campaign rhetoric

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. | Alex Wong/Getty Images */ ]]> Elizabeth Warren has proposed outlawing foreign governments from hiring lobbyists if elected. She’s pledged to tax “excessive lobbying” at rates [...]

No, Putin Doesn’t Like Impeachment

Alexei Nikolsky, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP Washington And The World There’s one thing the Kremlin wants even more than sowing chaos in the United States: Keeping Trump in the White House. By TATIANA STANOVAYA October 20, [...]

The Stunning Escape of El Chapo’s Son: It’s Like ‘a Bad Netflix Show’

MEXICO CITY — Escape, it seems, is a trait shared in the Guzmán family. So is embarrassing the government of Mexico. Joaquín Guzmán Loera, the drug lord known as El Chapo, eluded the grasp of the government numerous times — [...]

‘Our River Was Like a God’: How Dams and China’s Might Imperil the Mekong

ON THE MEKONG RIVER — When the Chinese came to the village of Lat Thahae, perched on a muddy bend of a Mekong River tributary, they scrawled a Chinese character on the walls of homes, schools and Buddhist temples. No one in this isolated [...]

Turkey says Rebel Girls children’s book should be treated like porn

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls must only be sold to adults, government says Turkey has ruled that the million-selling book Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls should be partially banned and treated like pornography because it could have [...]

‘It Feels Like a 1776 Kind of Fight’

Michael Kruse is a senior staff writer for POLITICO. */ ]]> The most momentous week in the nascent political career of Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill began with a question about the president and Ukraine: “Is anybody thinking that these [...]

Trump legal team steps into a battle like none before

Rudy Giuliani, personal lawyer to President Donald Trump. | Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images white house The House’s new impeachment inquiry will test Trump’s army of lawyers — and the president’s rhetoric that this is actually [...]