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‘Let’s just get the goods’: Pelosi rallies dejected Dems post-Mueller

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi projected optimism Tuesday morning in the aftermath of Robert Mueller’s investigation. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> Speaker Nancy Pelosi sought to [...]

Let’s go kick their f’g asses

Donald Trump is set to steal his second US Supreme Court seat from the Democrats, and we’re mad as hell and taking no prisoners. That’s the topic of today’s (definitely not safe for the kids) podcast. Cliff and I discuss just how f’d [...]
Let’s Ogle Spain’s Hot New Prime Minister And Break Down Weeping With Jealousy!
Once upon a time, from 2009 to 2017, America had this sexxxxxxy, kind, smart president, by the name of Barry O’Bamzalot. Look, this was him: But America ain’t got that no more. 🙁 Now all’s we got is this million-pound orange chunk [...]
Let’s Join Sarah Huckabee Sanders In Round Of Salty Tears As We Mutually Agree To Do Nothing About Kids Murdered At School
[embedded content] We’re all just thrilled as punch over White House Minister of Totally Truthful Information and Stuff Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s recent public expression of human emotion. Sanders, the White House [...]
Let’s Liveblog Donald Trump Jr.’s Senate Lies, Since There’s Obviously Nothing Else Going On Today
Damn Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans for dumping every document they have on the June 9, 2016, Trump Tower Treason Meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, and a passel of Russian spies, in a clear effort to get [...]
Gee, Anything Going On In Missouri That Might Affect The US Senate Race? Let’s Crimesplore!
Claire McCaskill and her authentic Battlestar Galactica-style corded phone. For someone who’s at the top of just about every pundit’s list of “most endangered Democratic senators,” Claire McCaskill looks to have at least a reasonable [...]
U.S. Lets a Few Members of a Migrant Caravan Apply for Asylum
Still, about 200 migrants from the caravan who intended to seek asylum — accompanied by other caravan participants, supporters and dozens of journalists — set off in a procession from downtown Tijuana to the El Chaparral border crossing, [...]
Let’s Close Out This Crazy Day With A Simple Story Of An Ex-Congressman’s 23 Felony Convictions
Ol’ Boy, but not so good. Former congressman Steve Stockman, that wild feller from the One-Star State — who notoriously invited Ted Nugent to Barack Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address — was convicted yesterday on 23 out of 24 felony [...]
Let’s Watch Alex Jones Have P-In-V Sex With An American Flag While Roger Stone Watches
When Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies in Congress and feels like somebody is impugning his patriotism by suggesting there might have been anything untoward about his contacts with dirty Russian spies during the 2016 election, he gets [...]
Senate Sunday: For Ohio, Sherrod Brown Burns Brighter Than The Cuyahoga River. Wait, Let’s Rephrase That…
Sherrod Brown does ‘rumpled serious guy’ pretty well. Sherrod Brown, the senior US Senator from Ohio, is one of our favorite senators (one sign of a dangerous addiction to politics is saying that you have “favorite senators,” but at [...]