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After the Storm: Market Lessons for Hurricane Season

Last year’s tropical storms killed thousands of people, caused $ 280 billion in damage and left Wall Street numb as company after company warned that an aggregate $ 1 billion in profit had washed away between the flooding and the wider [...]

50 Years After Prague Spring, Lessons on Freedom (and a Broken Spirit)

PRAGUE — Could Soviet-style communism be reconciled with the dignity and freedom of the individual? In 1968, the question was put to the test when the leader of Czechoslovakia’s Communist Party, Alexander Dubcek, initiated a project [...]
Dems seize on guns — with lessons from immigration fight
The last time Donald Trump publicly pushed for a big bipartisan deal, it ended badly for Democrats — with no action on immigration and their base furious. They’re determined it won’t happen again. Story Continued Below Democratic leaders [...]
Offering Three Vital Lessons from Last Week’s Crash
“Wall Street exaggerates everything; the business of investing is not the same as investing in a business.” — “Maxims of Wall Street,” p. 143. When the stock market fell out of bed suddenly in the past week after years of going [...]
Rome Journal: For Rome’s Taxi Drivers, Lessons in Courtesy and Cultural Savvy
Around 750 of Rome’s 6,000 taxi drivers have signed up to take the course, which also explores the complexities of cultural differences and the basics of common courtesy. The city tourism department has tailored similar courses for [...]
Learn These Lessons from the 50-Year Career of an Investing Grand Master
Anyone interested in financial markets loves to get inside the heads of the world’s best investors. Thus, there is the long-standing popularity of books like Jack Schwager’s “Market Wizards” series, which first was published in 1989. [...]
4 lessons for Donald Trump about North Korea from “The Interview”
Then in November 2014, a month before the release date, a group largely considered to be connected to North Korea hacked the computer networks of Columbia Pictures’ parent company Sony Pictures Entertainment. They leaked internal [...]
Trump’s Texas visit shows lessons learned from Katrina
By traveling to Texas to assess damage from Hurricane Harvey and boost the morale of survivors on Tuesday, President Trump and his team showed they have learned well the lessons of Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane that hit New Orleans in 2005 [...]
Why America Still Hasn’t Learned the Lessons of Katrina
PORT FOURCHON, LA. – The most important piece of the North American continent right now may be a slice of land here, 13 miles long, 65 feet wide, much of it just six months old. From the air, the Caminada Headland is a sparkling strip of [...]
Lessons in Leadership From John Kelly’s Favorite Book
When powerful people cite books as their lodestars, they often favor volumes full of guidance, uplift and exemplary inspiration. For Bill Clinton, that means Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations; for Barack Obama, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Self-Reliance [...]