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Hong Kong’s Democracy Movement Fears New Setback in Legislative Vote
Political analysts have called this campaign one of the quietest on record, with low turnout for rallies. “The election atmosphere is not hot,” said Ivan Choy, a political scientist at Chinese University of Hong Kong. “So the democrats [...]
Your 2017 Legislative Shitmuffin Of The Whole Entire Year Is DEVIN NUNES, COME ON DOWN AND SUCK IT!
He still looks like this now. What can be said of California GOP Rep. Devin Nunes that hasn’t already been said about anal scabs? You might think Nunes’s year of obstruction of justice started in March when he breathlessly kicked his Uber [...]
Your 2017 Legislative Boyfriend We Mean Hero Of The Year Is ADAM SCHIFF!
also he did one of these nice pictures (photo: Adam Bouska) Rep. Adam Schiff, Democratic ranking member OF OUR HEARTS and also of the House Intelligence Committee, wins Wonkette legislative hero of 2017 for being the exact opposite of 2017 [...]
Lawmaker fined $1,000 by legislative ethics board
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) – A lawmaker was fined $ 1,000 after the state legislative ethics boards said he broke ethics laws by campaigning on state time and using state resources. The board ruled Friday that Rep. Jesse Young, a Republican [...]
Legislative fight intensifies over short-term rental bills
LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Local crackdowns on short-term housing rentals have ignited a fight in Michigan’s Capitol, with homeowners and lobbyists lining up for and against legislation that would allow the rentals in all residential zones [...]
Republicans leave Donald Trump with no major legislative wins
Republicans haven’t scored a marquee legislative win for President Trump, but as they prepare to leave Capitol Hill for their summer vacation, they insist they have made serious gains on many nuts-and-bolts bills to reshape the government. Failure [...]

6 signs Trump’s legislative agenda is dead

This article originally appeared on AlterNet. President Trump has proven he can do a lot of damage — to climate science, ethics rules, Syrian airfields, and the English language—but he has yet to prove he can get much done in Congress. [...]
France’s Legislative Elections: What to Watch For
If 289 or more from the president’s party are elected, he will have his majority. Any fewer would mean having to work with other parties, or worse, seeing another party obtain a majority, allowing it to impose a new prime minister and [...]
Trump’s legislative director acknowledges Russia is overwhelming his agenda
While President Donald Trump has dismissed the Russia investigations as a “witch hunt,” even White House officials are admitting the probe is a serious distraction. [...]
Texas bathroom bill in GOP deadlock on legislative session’s last day
With the Legislature scheduled to adjourn Monday, the clock is ticking down on a proposed Texas bathroom bill stalled by infighting among Republicans — including some concerned about a backlash against the state’s NFL franchises. Lt. [...]