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Lawyers: 21 Savage is being wrongly held by US immigration

ATLANTA (AP) – Attorneys for Grammy-nominated rapper 21 Savage say he’s being wrongly held by federal immigration authorities. Law firm Kuck Baxter Immigration released a statement Monday saying U.S. officials have known about his immigration [...]

Rights lawyers challenge Indonesia detention of 3 activists

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) – Human rights lawyers said Thursday they were mounting a court challenge to Indonesia’s detention of three Papuan activists on charges of treason. The lawyers said that police in Indonesia’s easternmost Papua [...]

Manafort lawyers head to court as Mueller probe picks up

WASHINGTON (AP) – Paul Manafort’s attorneys head to court Friday at a time of frenetic activity in the special counsel’s Russia investigation as prosecutors obtained a guilty plea from President Donald Trump’s longtime fixer and [...]

White House lacks lawyers to deal with empowered Democrats

Don McGahn, ex-White House senior attorney, left the counsel’s office in October. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo white house The office has been without a permanent leader since October and top deputies are departing, leaving just a skeletal [...]

Justice lawyers fail to halt Trump financial records release

WASHINGTON (AP) – A federal judge denied the Justice Department’s efforts to halt legal proceedings in a case accusing President Donald Trump of violating the U.S. Constitution – opening the door for Trump’s critics to soon [...]

Lawyers for Border Patrol agent want retrial held in Phoenix

PHOENIX (AP) – Attorneys for a Border Patrol agent want his retrial in the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old Mexican boy allegedly throwing rocks across the border held in Phoenix instead of Tucson because of extensive publicity about the [...]

Trump’s allies and lawyers see hope that Mueller’s work is wrapping up

Rudy Giuliani, the president’s lawyer (left), talks with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on July 9 in the White House. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo [...]
Trump Lawyers Pretty Sure Robert Mueller Interviews Are VERY ILLEGAL. Sure, Why Not!
This thing is great for twitter reception What is that lunatic banging on about now? Can we get someone to babysit him on the weekends since Melon has noped out and he clearly can’t be left alone in a dirty diaper for hours on end? There [...]
Durham’s eviction crisis lawyers up
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Trump Company Lawyers Asked Panama President for Help in Hotel Dispute
In a statement, Britton and Iglesias denied that the letter “sought to ‘pressure’ the President of the Republic of Panama or any other official of the government of Panama.” The law firm said the letter was “very common” in [...]