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Syrian Government Starts Campaign to Retake Last Opposition Stronghold

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The Syrian military and its allies have begun a long, slow and violent campaign to recapture the last province in the country still under opposition control, where the government has gradually cornered rebels, extremists [...]

Theresa May’s Last Gasp: A 4th Vote on Her Brexit Deal

LONDON — When the world last focused full attention on Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain, she had returned from a “begging tour” in Europe with a Brexit extension she had hoped never to ask for and was fighting for her political [...]

They Resisted Hitler. They Were Executed. At Last, They Lay at Rest.

Dr. Stieve, a professor of anatomy at the university hospital, received the bodies shortly after the prisoners were executed. He was particularly interested in the physical effect that stress and fear had on women’s reproductive systems. Drawing [...]

Ukraine Election: Comedian Dismissed by President Is Favored to Get Last Laugh

KRYVYI RIH, Ukraine — As a university student in Kryvyi Rih, a gritty industrial city in eastern Ukraine, the comedian who is now the strong favorite to win Ukraine’s presidential election showed an early grasp of what it takes [...]

Donald Trump predicts Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders last 2020 Democrats standing

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is predicting that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden will be the final two Democrats standing in the 2020 race against him. Looking ahead to his re-election campaign, Trump [...]

Tripoli’s Last Civilian Airport Reopens After Militias Mobilize Against Hifter

A battle for control of the Libyan capital remained deadlocked for a fifth day on Tuesday, as the city’s last civilian airport resumed flights after an airstrike and the United Nations canceled a long-planned peace conference scheduled [...]

‘We’re in the Last Hour’: Democracy Itself Is on Trial in Brexit, Britons Say

LONDON — This week, as two members of Parliament interrupted a debate on Brexit to rib each other about the elite boarding schools they attended four decades ago, 23-year-old Eve Alcock looked on with deep disgust. The whole world [...]

Last ISIS Village in Syria Falls, and a Caliphate Crumbles

A four-year military operation to flush the Islamic State from its territory in Iraq and Syria ended on Saturday, as the last village held by the terrorist group was retaken, erasing a militant theocracy that once spanned two countries. Cornered [...]

America last: How Trump followed the world in grounding Boeing’s plane

The decision to ground Boeing’s 737 MAX airliners resulted in criticism by Democratic lawmakers as days overdue, but which some in the aviation industry called abrupt and haphazard. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images transportation The [...]

2 American Children May Be Trapped in the Last ISIS Village

Mr. Shikder is an observant Muslim who does not drink or smoke, prays regularly and wears a long black beard with a trim mustache. His own faith compounded his horror at the jihadists’ actions, he said. “I do everything that Islam [...]