12162018What's Hot:
Kudlow brings kill ’em with kindness approach to White House
Larry Kudlow thinks he can steer Donald Trump’s chaotic White House away from economic disaster by being the nicest guy in the West Wing. Unlike Gary Cohn, his hard-charging predecessor at the helm of the National Economic Council, Kudlow [...]
Kudlow tries to tame Trump’s trade war
On Day Three of Larry Kudlow’s first week at the White House, the president’s new economic adviser did exactly what he was hired to do: go on TV to calm the stock market over something his boss said. Kudlow, a former CNBC [...]
Trump hires Kudlow: ‘You’re looking handsome, Larry’
President Donald Trump offered the job to Larry Kudlow (pictured), an economic analyst and television personality, over the phone Tuesday night. | Bryan R. Smith/AFP/Getty [...]
Trump close to tapping Kudlow to succeed Cohn
President Donald Trump is close to choosing economic analyst Larry Kudlow as his new top economic policy adviser, according to three people briefed on the internal deliberations. After souring on Kudlow because he publicly criticized [...]