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Trump touts shutdown plan, but advisers say ‘no one knows what he will do’

President Donald Trump did not have any public events listed on his schedule for Saturday and Sunday. | Alex Wong/Getty Images Government Shutdown The president was slated to spend the day speaking by phone to staff and lawmakers, and [...]

Indonesia Knows Tsunami Threat. But It Was Still Blindsided by Killer Waves.

SUMBER JAYA, Indonesia — A 30-year-old fisherman was home watching television on Saturday evening when he heard a deep, booming noise offshore. Living on the western coast of Java, the fisherman, Damin, was accustomed to the explosive [...]

Trump says he knows economy better than Federal Reserve chair

Responding to big losses on Wall Street, President Trump said Thursday that he understands the economy better than the Federal Reserve. “I think I know about it better than they do,” Mr. Trump said, again criticizing Fed interest-rate hikes. [...]

Trump confirms leaked comments: ‘At least Canada knows where I stand!’

President Donald Trump on Thursday told Bloomberg on-the-record that Canada is “going to make a deal at some point.“ | Alex Wong/Getty Images The president had told Bloomberg News off the record that any trade with Canada would [...]

Lanny Davis says Michael Cohen ‘more than happy’ to tell Robert Mueller ‘all he knows’

The lawyer for Michael Cohen says his client has information that likely will be of interest to special counsel Robert Mueller. Lanny Davis, in an interview Tuesday evening on MSNBC, said his client will be “more than happy to tell the special [...]

How Dangerous Are Italy’s Bridges? Even After Genoa, No One Knows

[unable to retrieve full-text content] No central authority tracks or enforces maintenance of Italy’s aging transportation network — and that is a big problem, experts say. Source: NYT > World
Why Did Hillary And George Soros Put Child Sex Ring In Homeless Camp? GATEWAY PUNDIT KNOWS!
George Soros is obviously doing things to naked Barbie dolls in the desert. The craziest parts of the internet are abuzz with a brand new, completely nutso conspiracy theory based on completely evidence-free conjecture and Occam’s Duct Tape, [...]
GOP Congressman Knows What Ladies Care Most About, And It Is Weight Loss And Gardening
In 2013, Florida Congressman Gus “Toodles*” Bilirakis voted against the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). But don’t think just because he’s got a chillaxed attitude toward domestic violence, he doesn’t care about the ladies. He [...]
We Sure Do Hope Rod Rosenstein Knows What The Fuck He’s Doing Right Now
The constitutional crisis Donald Trump is trying to force is coming along quite nicely! President Halfwit issued an official proclamation (on Twitter) Sunday wherein he HEREBY DEMANDED the Department of Justice open an investigation into whether [...]
Trump Knows ONE WEIRD CHINESE TRICK To Screw Up Trade Policy AND National Security!
President America First will be … Making China Great Again! Just as he promised the forgotten men and women in Real Murika on the campaign trail. President Xi of China, and I, are working together to give massive Chinese phone company, [...]