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POLITICO Playbook: BREAKDOWN: Talks to keep government open stall, with deadline just days away

Presented by */ ]]> “I’m hoping we can get off the dime later today or in the morning because time’s ticking away,” Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard Shelby said. | Andrew Burton/Getty Images DRIVING THE DAY THE [...]

Russia Says He’s a Spy. His Lawyer Says He Just Wanted Photos of a Cathedral.

MOSCOW — A former United States Marine who was arrested in Moscow on spying charges had been handed a flash drive that he thought contained pictures of churches but was instead loaded with classified information, his lawyer said on [...]

Week 87: Did BuzzFeed Drop a Bombshell or Just Bomb?

*/ ]]> Knocked out just last week by the informed speculation that Donald Trump might be a Russian spy or a dupe, Russia-scandal watchers received another cranial blow this week. In a story that caused everybody who quoted it to preface [...]

4,141 Latvians Were Just Outed as K.G.B. Informants

KUKAS, Latvia — Back in Soviet times, Yuris Taskovs snitched to the K.G.B. about a neighbor watching German pornography and betrayed hundreds of anti-Kremlin activists. So he and others like him knew that if the secret police files [...]

Nancy Pelosi Might Have Just Blown Up the State of the Union. And That’s OK.

*/ ]]> In 1974, the Watergate investigation was blowing up around the White House, and Congress looked well on its way to impeaching President Richard Nixon. But on January 30 it all came to a standstill as Nixon walked into the Capitol, [...]

Rescued Migrants, Stranded at Sea, See a New Life Just Out of Reach

ABOARD SEA-WATCH 3, Off Malta — Four years ago, he escaped jihadists in West Africa. Last year, he survived slavery in Libya. But for Daouda Soumana, a 20-year-old trader from Niger, one of the cruelest experiences of his quest for [...]

Washington Post Fact Checker: No ‘wall’ around Obamas’ home, just ‘security fencing’

Former President Barack Obama’s mansion in a wealthy area of Northwest Washington has security fencing, a guard booth and patrols at the end of the street. But the Washington Post Fact Checker noted that it doesn’t have a “ten foot wall.” President [...]

Is this the endgame stage for Trump, or just a trainwreck?

The next time you walk out to your car, or head down the street to the subway, or cross the parking lot on your way to the grocery store, look up and squint your eyes, and you’ll be able to see the end of the Trump presidency. It’s still [...]

‘You don’t just get to say that you’re progressive’: The left moves to defend its brand

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said it is critical “that we have some very clear guidelines about what it means to be progressive.” | Jason Redmond/AFP/Getty Images 2020 Election In advance [...]

Trump: ‘I don’t do anything … just for political gain.’

*/ ]]> For the last two years, congressional Republicans have persuaded President Donald Trump to delay the fight to fund his border wall, convincing him he would pay a steep political price for such a high-stakes legislative brawl. Trump [...]