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Why China’s Move to Rein In Hong Kong is Just the Start

China’s move to strip away another layer of Hong Kong’s autonomy was not a rash impulse. It was a deliberate act, months in the making. It took into account the risks of international umbrage and reached the reasonable assumption [...]

‘I Am Just Hong Kong’: A City’s Fate in China’s Hands

Hong Kong was born at the crossroad of empires, a hybrid of British and Chinese parentage. It may fade there, too. This “barren rock,” as an envoy of Queen Victoria once called it, transformed into one of the world’s first [...]

Covid-19 Outbreak in Nigeria Is Just One of Africa’s Alarming Hot Spots

DAKAR, Senegal — In the northern Nigerian city of Kano, some people say they now get four or five death notices on their phones each day: A colleague has died. A friend’s aunt. A former classmate. The gravediggers of the city, [...]

Sizing up Trump’s green-card halt: Is it just temporary?

SAN DIEGO (AP) – Pamela Austin, a recruiter at Adventist Health Bakersfield in California, made seven job offers to foreign nurses in February and just finished a first round of interviews with 12 more candidates. They are from all over [...]

Coronavirus relief package stalls just short of a deal

*/ ]]> The Senate broke on Monday afternoon with no deal to replenish an empty relief fund for small businesses, though the Senate scheduled a Tuesday session in case negotiators complete a deal in the next 24 hours. In a brief Monday [...]

We Are Not Just Fighting a Pandemic, We Are Also Fighting To Keep Freedom Alive.

Facebook Twitter Email Print The toll of the human tragedy let in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic cannot be underestimated. Currently, there have been 764,177 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and 40,591 lives lost in the United States—and [...]

Humor writer Rex Huppke on Trump, the Coronavirus, and just about everything

Home News Humor writer Rex Huppke on Trump, the Coronavirus, and just about everything Chicago Tribune humor writer Rex Huppke joins us for a long discussion about everything and nothing. Boy it’s hard to summarize this discussion, it was [...]

‘Just damage containment’: Cost of the coronavirus shutdown keeps rising

The streets of Black Hawk, Colo. are empty after the casinos in town were closed by state mandate earlier in the month. | Rick T. Wilking/Getty Images */ ]]> The mammoth $ 2 trillion rescue package on the brink of heading to President [...]

Not Just a Crisis: Coronavirus Is a Test for Putin’s Security State

What that means in practice has scared some Muscovites but comforted others. Artyom, 30, who works in the media industry and requested his last name not be published, was of both minds. He left his apartment building to take out the trash [...]

‘Remain in Mexico’ is just one US response to asylum-seekers

SAN DIEGO (AP) – The Supreme Court has allowed the Trump administration to continue making asylum-seekers wait in Mexico for their U.S. court hearings. It may be the most far-reaching measure in a series of policies the government has [...]