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Brett Kavanaugh Wall Street Journal op-ed caps chaotic confirmation

Brett M. Kavanaugh made a last-minute appeal to senators Thursday to elevate him to the Supreme Court, and Republicans were increasingly hopeful of corralling the votes this weekend to do just that, after an FBI investigation failed to back [...]

Wall Street Journal Quotes My ‘Maxims’ Book 45 Times!

Last weekend, Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig wrote an “Ode to the Wall Street Platitude,” quoting 80 of his favorite financial proverbs and sayings. Guess what? Among those 80 sayings, 45 of them (60%) can be found directly [...]
Karachi Journal: Looking for a Bit of Shade as Intense Heat Wave Hits Karachi
KARACHI, Pakistan — Heat waves have become common this time of year in Karachi, Pakistan’s sprawling seaside port city. Still, the latest one caught its 20 million residents off guard. It was all anyone here could talk about last [...]
Kaliningrad Journal: Russian City’s Dazzling New Soccer Stadium Outshines Its Team
KALININGRAD, Russia — Nikita I. Zakharov leads the fan club for the soccer team in this leafy, slow-paced provincial city, and yet he keeps a cleareyed view of its place in the wider world of soccer. “We cannot really boast of soccer [...]
Saint-Louis Journal: ‘Wrath of Coastal Erosion’ Is Devouring a Senegal Fishing Hub
SAINT-LOUIS, Senegal — Houses on the shore seem to have been ripped open by a giant claw. The corner of an abandoned school is gutted, leaving what looks like a gigantic bite mark. All that is left of a nearby mosque is a flattened [...]
London Journal: The Red Phone Box, a British Icon, Stages a Comeback
[unable to retrieve full-text content] Once unwanted relics, the booths are being retooled in imaginative ways, including as cellphone repair shops, tiny cafes and defibrillator sites. Source: NYT > World
Venice Journal: A Chance to Spend 99-Plus Years in Venice (in the Afterlife)
VENICE — To let: four small lots with a 99-year (renewable) lease, on an exclusive Venetian island. Fixer-uppers. Illustrious neighbors: Igor Stravinsky, Joseph Brodsky, Emilio Vedova. Starting auction price: around $ 300,000. It [...]
Itu Aba Journal: Island or Rock? Taiwan Defends Its Claim in South China Sea
ITU ABA, South China Sea — The largest natural feature of the Spratly Islands, the hotly disputed archipelago in the South China Sea, is a forested, sun-drenched oval of land, cleaved by a single runway that gives the place the appearance [...]
London Journal: It’s a Royal Wedding! Ride a Tour Bus! Buy Some Cereal and Condoms!
She’s all for Harry and Meghan. “Cinderella has met her prince,” she said. “It could be anybody. That’s what’s so beautiful about it.” At another table, Liz Tunmer and Sue Gale, both from out of town, were on the bus courtesy [...]
Gebeng Journal: China’s Last Cave Dwellers Fight to Keep Their Underground Homes
The county government wants the residents of Zhong cave to move to a nearby block of housing: low-slung, white-walled farmhouses with wooden window frames that were completed nearly 10 years ago. Officials say that residents have not [...]