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Democrats look to unseat Joni Ernst in 2020 Senate race

DES MOINES, Iowa | Iowa Democrats think they can oust Republican Sen. Joni Ernst in 2020. But first, they’ll have to find a candidate who can build a credible campaign. Mrs. Ernst won her first term in 2014 amid a GOP wave, but she faces [...]

Joni Ernst backs Donald Trump call to close U.S.-Mexico border if necessary

Sen. Joni Ernst, Iowa Republican, said Sunday that she wanted to see the U.S. border with Mexico remain open, but added that the “safety of our nation comes first.” Her comments came in response to President Trump’s tweet Saturday saying [...]
EPA Spokesjerk Liz Bowman Fucks Right Off To New Gig Yelling At Reporters For Joni Ernst
She wants to put you in a headlock and make you feel PAIN EPA spokesperson Liz Bowman, apparently noticing all the squeaking as staffers grab life vests and depart the House That Pruitt Remodeled at Double The Projected Cost, will also be leaving [...]
Iowa Voters Doing The Polka On Joni Ernst And Chuck Grassley’s Stupid Trump-Loving Faces
Don’t think about Norway! The corn is popping in Iowa! Seems the good people in the Hawkeye State are a mite concerned with President Blowhard and his caca-hole caca-house potty mouth. So Senator Joni Ernst tied on her fanciest Bread Bag [...]
Robert William Simet, Omaha man, threatened to kill Sen. Joni Ernst at motorcycle charity ride
OMAHA — Sen. Joni Ernst led a charity motorcycle ride Saturday in Iowa, one day after a Nebraska man was arrested for threatening to kill her at the fundraiser. Robert William Simet, 64, of Omaha was taken into custody Friday after telling [...]

Sen. Joni Ernst’s Constituents Are Angrier Than A Castrated Hog That Is Angry!

not a good senator Almost exactly one month ago, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst was trying to do a nice event with veterans, when icky constituents (ugh!) showed up and yelled at her to “DO YOUR JOB!” and said very unkind things about how they might [...]

Sen. Joni Ernst Runs From Constituents Fast As Her Bread Bag Shoes Will Carry Her. Your Open Thread!

RUN AWAY! Another day, another elected Republican official literally running away from constituents, who are currently yelling “DO YOUR JOB!” This time it’s Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, who wanted to do a nice event for veterans in Maquoketa, [...]