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Pete Buttigieg framed by far-right Internet troll Jacob Wohl

Home Elections Pete Buttigieg framed by far-right Internet troll Jacob Wohl In this week’s UnPresidented podcast, we delve into Joe Biden’s first week on the campaign and the polls showing him doing awfully well, along with some improvement [...]
Jacob Zuma’s Legacy Is a Weakened South Africa
But despite his role in the struggle against apartheid, Mr. Zuma did not surprise those who predicted from the start that his presidency would be troubled. Even before he became the nation’s leader, he had been dogged by scandal and [...]
Jacob Zuma Resigns as South Africa’s President
Influence-peddling in his administration was so widespread, according to the nation’s former public protector, that it became a form of state capture in which Mr. Zuma’s business partners or friends influenced government decisions [...]
A.N.C. Tells Jacob Zuma to Step Down as South Africa’s President
The drawn-out negotiations over Mr. Zuma’s future have cast a pall over the optimism that followed Cyril Ramaphosa’s election in December to succeed him as leader of the A.N.C., and his pledge to steer South Africa on a new course. [...]
Jacob Zuma Prepares to Depart a Diminished A.N.C.
In his final address as party leader, Mr. Zuma acknowledged that the A.N.C. had been weakened and needed to be renewed. But he blamed outside forces — which have also been the ones to check his exercise of power — launching into a [...]
Jacob Zuma’s Fate Rests in South African Parliament’s Hands
A.N.C. members on Tuesday argued that removing Mr. Zuma would set a destabilizing and dangerous precedent, but they did not defend his tenure in office. As the debate proceeded, crowds massed in Cape Town, the seat of the legislature, [...]

A.N.C. Backs Jacob Zuma, Papering Over Divisions in South Africa

Photo President Jacob Zuma in Pretoria, South Africa, on Tuesday. Credit Kopano Tlape/Government Communication and Information System, via European Pressphoto Agency [...]