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Missionary’s Killing Reignites Debate About Isolated Tribes: Contact, Support or Stay Away?

The recent killing of an American missionary by members of an isolated tribe on a small island in the Indian Ocean has reignited questions about the fate of the last few groups of people living off the grid. In an era when people across [...]

Trump isolated in his push for tariffs on foreign cars

President Donald Trump’s threat to slap massive tariffs on imported cars and auto parts will rocket back into the spotlight this week with a high-stakes visit to the White House by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who is [...]

Escalating Clash With Canada, Trump Is Isolated Before North Korea Meeting

Negotiators worked late Friday night to craft a statement that all seven leaders could sign. Mr. Trump’s delegation objected to the term “rules-based international order” until negotiators compromised by expressing support for “a” [...]
Kelly increasingly isolated as Porter scandal rages on
Turbulence in this West Wing is typically generated by President Donald Trump, but for the past week, it’s been chief of staff John Kelly—the man brought in to be a steadying hand—who’s inspiring what one White House official [...]
White Christians are now a minority — but they’re getting more isolated and less tolerant
Last week, the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) put out a new report on religion in America that measured a truly remarkable shift: For the first time, almost certainly in the country’s history, people who identify as white Christians are [...]
Churchill Journal: Canadian Town, Isolated After Losing Rail Link, ‘Feels Held Hostage’
Originally settled as a trading post by the Hudson Bay Company, the town was reconfigured around the train station, which opened in 1929, connecting Churchill to Winnipeg, the provincial capital, 1,056 miles to the south. The country’s [...]
A Chinese Poet’s Unusual Path From Isolated Farm Life to Celebrity
“I think Yu Xiuhua is China’s Emily Dickinson: extraordinary imagination and a striking power with language,” Shen Rui, a professor at Morehouse College in Atlanta specializing in Chinese literature and feminism, wrote in the preface [...]
Once Dominant, the United States Finds Itself Isolated at G-20
Mr. Trump seemed to relish his isolation. For him, the critical moment of Friday was his long meeting with the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, which seemed to mark the reset in relations that Mr. Trump has been desiring for some [...]