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Thousands Rally in Dublin Against Ireland’s Abortion Ban

“It isn’t just young women in their 20s with trendy haircuts out here. It’s everyone,” Ms. Byrne said in a telephone interview. “I just saw a group of lads on their own, no women with them, who were marching together. You wouldn’t [...]

Ireland’s new gay prime minister? Yeah, it’s a remarkable step forward — but he’s no progressive

If you perused the international headlines last week, you might have heard that Ireland has its first openly gay prime minister, who also happens to be partly of Indian descent. (His father was an immigrant.) That this could happen in a once [...]

St. Patrick’s Day walk of shame: Ireland’s prime minister calls on Donny Boy, with the wrong message

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Friday is St. Patrick’s Day, an annual celebration of pseudo-Irishness that like many other such things — Cinco de Mayo, pizza and most of what Americans consider “Chinese food” — was a product of the immigrant experience, transformed [...]

Ireland’s Prime Minister in Crisis Over Case of Police Whistle-blower

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But the case won’t go away. Last week, The Irish Examiner and the public broadcaster RTE’s “Prime Time” program reported that Ireland’s child protection agency had created a file on Sergeant McCabe containing a false accusation [...]