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Mohammad Javad Zarif rips Mike Pence, U.S. over ‘unhealthy fixation’ with Iran

MUNICH — Iran’s foreign minister is blasting the United States’ “unhealthy fixation” with his country and condemning the Trump administration’s efforts to press European countries to pull out of the nuclear agreement with Tehran. Mohammad [...]

Merkel Rejects U.S. Demands That Europe Pull Out of Iran Nuclear Deal

MUNICH — Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany delivered a strong rejoinder on Saturday to American demands that European allies pull out of the Iran nuclear deal and gave a spirited defense of multilateral institutions in a world increasingly [...]

Mike Pence Lashes European Allies for Their Stance on Iran

His speech to foreign ministers and diplomats from about five dozen countries came hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dropped any remaining pretense about the goal of the conference, which had been formally described as focusing [...]

Former Air Force Intelligence Agent Charged With Spying for Iran

WASHINGTON — Inside the government, some officials called her “Wayward Storm.” Her real name was Monica Elfriede Witt, an exemplary Air Force counterintelligence agent who had studied Farsi and carried out covert missions in Iraq, [...]

Bombing Kills 20 Revolutionary Guards in Iran, Government Says

[This is a developing story. We will keep updating it as we learn more.] TEHRAN — A suicide bomber killed 20 members of the elite Revolutionary Guards Corps on a bus in a restive region of southeastern Iran on Wednesday, state media [...]

For Iran, a Grand Occasion to Bash the U.S.

Along the route there is entertainment, provided by state organizations. Because the entertainment needs to be Islamic, there were male clowns praising the Iranian flag (“the most beautiful flag in the world”), silver-painted men [...]

Iran Dispatch: The Iranian Revolution at 40: From Theocracy to ‘Normality’

In February of 1979, Tehran was in chaos. A cancer-stricken Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Western-backed autocrat, had gone into exile in mid-January, leaving behind a rickety regency council. On Feb. 1, Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, [...]

3 European Nations Create Firm to Trade With Iran, but Will Anyone Use It?

This month, the European Union imposed its first sanctions on Iran since the nuclear deal in reaction to the plots and to missile testing. The bloc also added two Iranian individuals and an Iranian intelligence unit to its terrorist list. In [...]

U.S. intelligence chief breaks with Trump on North Korea, Iran, ISIS

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said that Kim Jong Un’s regime has “halted some provocative behavior” related to its nuclear program and that the country has not conducted any nuclear tests in more than a [...]

Cargo Plane Crashes in Iran, Killing at Least 15

TEHRAN — A 39-year-old cargo plane operated by the Iranian Army crashed into a residential area near the capital, Tehran, on Monday, killing 15 of the people onboard, state news media reported. One crew member survived and was hospitalized. State [...]