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Adam Schiff makes no apologies for investigating Trump, sees no conflict with Robert Mueller probe

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on Sunday said he doesn’t think his decision to restart and expand the Russian-meddling investigation conflicts with special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing probe. “We have a separate [...]

U.N.’s Expert on ‘Extreme Poverty’ Is Investigating Britain. Why?

NEWCASTLE, England — At a food bank in a rundown part of northeast England, an unemployed mother and her adult son were having an odd morning. Denise and Michael Hunter typically come here for a quiet cuppa with the volunteers, a [...]

DOJ investigating after staffer brags about using job for resistance in Project Veritas sting

The Department of Justice said Wednesday it would investigate an employee was caught in a Project Veritas sting bragging about using her job to help advance the political agenda of the Democratic Socialists of America. Allison Hrabar, a Justice [...]
Democratic memo: FBI was investigating Trump campaign associates weeks before receiving dossier
“The Democratic response memo released today should put to rest any concerns that the American people might have as to the conduct of the FBI, the Justice Department [...]
DOJ Finally Investigating Planned Parenthood’s Fetus-Parts Yard Sales
No, Ms. Love, *I* am Doll Parts It’s taken a while, but now that the government is in the hands of the party of Family Values And A Little Bit Of Child Molestation, the Justice Department is investigating whether Planned Parenthood made big [...]
Barton: Capitol Police investigating possible crime against me
Rep. Joe Barton was responding to a report in the Washington Post. By POLITICO STAFF 11/22/2017 11:38 PM EST Texas Rep. Joe Barton, [...]
Which Committee Is Blowing Goats Instead Of Investigating Trump-Russia Today?
SPOILER IT IS THE ONE CHAIRED BY THIS DUMBASS. Guys, things are looking bad in Congress for the Trump-Russia investigations. (Who would have thought letting the craven, unpatriotic GOP control the entire government might be a bad idea?) We’ve [...]
Meet the legendary G-man investigating Russia’s meddling
Soon after former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III was named special counsel to oversee the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible collusion by associates of Donald Trump, the president put out a statement [...]
Trump fires FBI Director Comey, the man investigating Trump for treason
Donald Trump just fired FBI Director James Comey, the man investigating Trump’s potential collusion with Russia during the 2016 election. Donald Trump has finally made his first clear-cut impeachable offense. Add your name below to those [...]

Did Russia try to cover-up Syria’s chemical attack? Pentagon now investigating Kremlin’s involvement in Assad’s deadly strike

The U.S. military is investigating whether Russia bombed a hospital in Syria in order to destroy evidence of this week’s chemical attack attributed to President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, senior military officials told the Associated Press [...]