02202019What's Hot:
Trump Would Be Crazy to Sit with Mueller. Mueller Would Be Crazy to Insist.
Despite the daily bombardment of shifting and distracting Russia investigation story lines, one that has remained central is the prospect that Robert Mueller will interview Donald Trump. Investigation watchers are atwitter with [...]
Donald Trump wants border wall, but won’t insist it’s part of ‘Dreamer’ bill
President Trump still wants to see a border wall get done, but it does not necessarily need to be part of the legislative fix Congress is working on for illegal immigrant “Dreamers,” his top liaison to Capitol Hill said Tuesday. Marc Short, [...]
Fine, Mr. President, If You Insist, We’d Be OK With Australian-Style Healthcare Too
Psst! Donnie! His name is “Malcolm Turnbull!” Thursday was a big day for Donald Trump! First he had a big party for TrumpCare passing one house of Congress, arguably the first time a major Rose Garden celebration has ever been held after [...]

Resist, insist, persist, enlist: Women becoming more politically engaged since Trump’s win

This piece originally appeared on BillMoyers.com. In one of her first public appearances since she lost the presidential election, Hillary Clinton took to the stage at a San Francisco conference for businesswomen on Tuesday, encouraging women [...]

Hey, Should We Liveblog Sean Spicer’s Press Conference Right Now? Okay If You Insist!

Sean Spicer Sean Spicer has had a very bad time lately trying to keep up with, well, you know, ALL OF IT. Every day he comes out and tries not to yell at the press corps, and he lasts a few minutes while he’s reading his notes and then they [...]

Australia and France insist on secrecy of new sub design

SYDNEY (AP) – The Australian and French defense ministers said Monday that they have given top priority to concealing design details of a new Australian submarine after data was leaked from French shipbuilder DCNS about a submarine built [...]