02222019What's Hot:
Your Weekly Top Ten Is Celebrating Another Successful Infrastructure Week
Wonkette toddler on WORLD TOUR! Hi, everyone! It is Saturday which means we are NOT HERE, MOTHERFUCKERS. But your top ten is! Did you know this past week was Infrastructure Week again, or that at least President Infrastructure Lover tweeted [...]
Trump’s latest strike against regulations: His infrastructure plan
President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan would trigger one of the most significant regulation rollbacks in decades, benefiting not just roads and bridges, but businesses ranging from coal mines to homebuilders to factories. [...]
Trump takes aim at blue states in infrastructure plan
Major transportation projects in blue states may be in jeopardy in President Donald Trump’s 10-year infrastructure plan, which critics say favors little-populated rural areas to the detriment of urban America. The White House isn’t being [...]
Trump infrastructure plan could sell off Reagan, Dulles airports
Though technically owned by the federal government, both Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (pictured) and Washington Dulles International Airport are operated by [...]
Donald Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Actually Tinier Than His Sad Little Peener
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a hand sneaking into everyone’s pocket…forever Donald Trump today unveiled his amazing fabulous infrastructure plan, a microscopic $ 200 billion federal investment over 10 years. It’s a piddling [...]
Trump critics seize on developer ties to infrastructure plan
President Donald Trump’s critics are already lining up to undercut his infrastructure proposal — the purported bipartisan centerpiece of Tuesday’s State of the Union speech — as a giveaway to his well-connected friends [...]
A Little Preview Of How Trump Gonna Hand Our Infrastructure $$$ To His Golfing Pals
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a hand sneaking into everyone’s pocket…forever From Providence, Rhode Island, comes this tale of what Donald Trump’s glorious infrastructure plan might look like: much, much higher costs to [...]
Amtrak Derails In ‘Mass Casualty.’ But It’s Too Soon To Talk About Infrastructure
We’re sorry to tell you that there’s been what they’re calling a “mass casualty” event in Washington state this morning after a train derailed and fell off an overpass onto a freeway. Nobody seems to know much more than that as of [...]
Trump pushes infrastructure plan after deadly Amtrak crash
“The train accident that just occurred in DuPont, WA shows more than ever why our soon to be submitted infrastructure plan must be approved quickly,” the President [...]

Democrats cool to Trump’s infrastructure pitch

The White House is preparing to unveil its long-awaited $ 1 trillion infrastructure plan soon after President Donald Trump signs the GOP tax overhaul, hoping to begin 2018 with another big legislative win — but its approach [...]