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Indiana Senate panel hearing state hate crimes bill

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Opponents and supporters of a proposed Indiana hate crimes law are arguing their positions before state legislators. A state Senate committee opened a hearing Monday morning on a bill that would create a law specifically [...]

Indiana governor says passing hate crime law ‘long overdue’

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – The spray-painting of a swastika outside a suburban Indianapolis synagogue this summer was the final straw for Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb, who quickly called for Indiana to join the 45 states that have hate crime [...]

Immigrant from El Salvador builds Indiana business dream

JASPER, Ind. (AP) – The American dream seems simple. If you work hard enough, you can achieve all the success you can set your mind to. However, with so many external factors that are out of our control, it’s never quite that simple [...]

Obama to rally for Indiana senator who backs Trump policies

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Former President Barack Obama’s national campaign tour to boost Democratic candidates takes an unusual path Sunday with an Indiana rally for Sen. Joe Donnelly, who has sounded more like Donald Trump while trying [...]

Trump slams Indiana Democratic ads touting Libertarian

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – President Donald Trump accused Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly of “trying to steal the election” by running ads touting the Libertarian candidate in an effort to peel away votes from Republican challenger Mike Braun [...]

‘I’m the other Joe’: Biden stumps for Donnelly to energize Dem base in Indiana

Former Vice President Joe Biden praised Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) as a man of character, and joked that he told him at the start of the campaign he would come to Indiana to rally for or against him, whichever was more helpful. | Darron [...]

Pence, Biden head to dueling rallies in fierce Indiana race

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – When Hillary Clinton belted back whiskey a decade ago in a northwest Indiana bar, it was celebrated as a sign of authenticity that helped her win a bitter primary over Barack Obama in the Rust Belt state. Now Sen. [...]

‘Sleepin’ Joe’ hears alarm bells in Indiana Senate brawl

INDIANAPOLIS — Most of the red-state Democratic senators have larger-than-life personalities and storied political lineages that have allowed them to succeed despite their party label, from a blunt-talking Montana farmer to [...]
Indiana mystery man upends bloody GOP Senate primary
GOP Reps. Luke Messer and Todd Rokita — personal and political rivals going back to their college days — have been locked in a bitter two-way fight for more than a year for the right to take on one of the most vulnerable Senate [...]
Indiana panel could back eliminating state handgun licensing
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – An Indiana legislative panel could vote on whether to endorse a proposal to eliminate an Indiana law requiring a license to carry a handgun. The Joint Committee on Judiciary and Public Policy is scheduled to hold its [...]