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The Nauru Experience: Zero-Tolerance Immigration and Suicidal Children

TOPSIDE, Nauru — She was 3 years old when she arrived on Nauru, a child fleeing war in Sri Lanka. Now, Sajeenthana is 8. Her gaze is vacant. Sometimes she punches adults. And she talks about dying with ease. “Yesterday I cut my [...]

Immigration crisis? The stats tell a different story

It’s true there were more border arrests in 2018 than in 2017, a development that prompted the president to level blistering criticism against Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen. But in 2017, border arrests had dropped to a historic [...]

POLITICO Playbook PM: Amid Trump immigration push, economy booms

Presented by */ ]]> President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Columbia, Mo., on Thursday. | Scott Olson/Getty Images THINK ABOUT THIS … THE ECONOMY added a quarter-million jobs in October, and pretty much all that’s coming [...]

As Trump fumed about immigration, some media outlets cut away

President Donald Trump has been leaning heavily into immigration and nationalism just days before the election. | Susan Walsh/AP Photo Media By JESUS RODRIGUEZ 11/01/2018 06:42 PM EDT Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> President [...]

Trump’s immigration obsession could backfire, some Republicans fear

Restating his vow to deploy thousands more troops to the southwest border, President Donald Trump fumed over border-crossers and said he had instructed U.S. military personnel to “consider it a rifle” if incoming migrants hurl stones [...]

Trump’s immigration push is Stephen Miller’s dream come true

The resonance of President Donald Trump’s ideas among Republican voters is likely to embolden Stephen Miller and his like-minded hawks. | Susan Walsh/AP Photo White House The president’s October fixation on border security has [...]

Italy arrest 3 in teen’s slaying, fueling immigration debate

ROME (AP) – Italian police have detained three suspects, all immigrants, in the slaying of a teenage girl who was drugged, gang-raped and left in an abandoned building in Rome that is known as a center for drug dealing. Authorities said [...]

Donald Trump uses Obama clip to troll Democrats on illegal immigration

Common political ground was reached Tuesday night as President Trump praised former President Barack Obama on Twitter. “I agree with President Obama 100%!” Mr. Trump wrote to a C-SPAN video clip of Mr. Obama speaking when he was a U.S. [...]

Trump, at Cruz rally, hits immigration as reason to vote GOP

President Donald Trump heartily supported Ted Cruz’s Senate bid at the start of the rally, but mentioned the Republican lawmaker only occasionally throughout his speech. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo Elections The president supports the Texas [...]

Democrat says Gianforte “fearmongering” on guns, immigration

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) – U.S. House candidate Kathleen Williams says Rep. Greg Gianforte is distorting her record on guns and immigration to scare Montana voters into re-electing the first-term Republican. Williams, a Democrat and former [...]