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Left Homeless by Indonesia Quake, and Begging Passers-By for Help

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Their towns and workplaces destroyed, survivors are blocking roads and flagging down motorists as they wait for government assistance. Source: NYT > World

Indonesia Earthquake Kills Scores and Leaves 20,000 Homeless

[unable to retrieve full-text content] As the sun rose over the island of Lombok, a search and rescue effort was underway to find survivors trapped in the rubble. Source: NYT > World
Why Did Hillary And George Soros Put Child Sex Ring In Homeless Camp? GATEWAY PUNDIT KNOWS!
George Soros is obviously doing things to naked Barbie dolls in the desert. The craziest parts of the internet are abuzz with a brand new, completely nutso conspiracy theory based on completely evidence-free conjecture and Occam’s Duct Tape, [...]
A Powerful Storm Leaves Tonga’s Parliament Homeless
Photo Storm damage in Nuku’alofa, Tonga’s capital, on Tuesday. Tropical Cyclone Gita was the strongest storm to hit the Pacific island nation in decades. Credit John [...]
Call to Remove Homeless People (All 8) Before Royal Wedding Stirs Anger
Local charities say the official figures may not fully capture the extent of the problem, because a number of people, known as the “hidden homeless,” beg on the streets by day and spend their nights in temporary accommodations for [...]
Origami-Style Cardboard Tents for Homeless in Brussels
Photo One of the cardboard tents, known as the ORIG-AMI project, outside a Brussels train station on Friday. Material tents are banned on the city streets. Credit Nicolas [...]
Jason Chaffetz mocks homeless person on Instagram because he wants “to make people think”
Jason Chaffetz really can’t stand that some poor people have smartphones. If you were wondering what he’s been up to since he recently left Congress, you need not wonder any further: The former GOP chair of the House Oversight Committee [...]
Martin Shkreli told former employee, “I hope to see you and your four children homeless”
In August 2011, Tim Pierotti began working for “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli, running a consumer hedge fund for him, but by the end of 2012, he had already lost faith in his boss. Shkreli then sent a bullying letter to Pierotti’s house, [...]

They Went to Manchester Arena as Homeless Men. They Left as Heroes.

Rather than running for safety, he went to the aid of victims, comforting a girl who had lost her legs, wrapping her in a T-shirt, and cradling a dying woman in his arms. Mr. Jones, 35, says he pulled nails out of children’s arms and [...]

Homeless Find a Champion in Canada’s Medicine Hat

The theory is that only after people are in stable housing can they begin to address their other challenges. The strategy has been widely adopted in Europe and Australia. In the United States, it has found its most striking success [...]