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‘Have We Learned Nothing?’

*/ ]]> As congressional leaders haggled over a $ 2 trillion emergency economic relief bill on Tuesday, President Donald Trump mocked House Democrats for stuffing their own rescue proposal with priorities unrelated to the coronavirus [...]

Kate Brown: Oregon may have trouble providing ‘basic services’

PORTLAND, Ore. — Gov. Kate Brown said Tuesday that she is ‘gravely concerned’ about Oregon’s ability to deliver basic services over the next six months to a year because of the economic fallout from statewide closures, massive lay-offs [...]

What the Democrats Have Done During Coronavirus is Enough to Make You Sick.

Facebook Twitter Email Print Americans are no doubt increasingly concerned about how prepared their country is to face the impending coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This should be a time when everyone—regardless of party affiliation—comes [...]

How many Americans have been tested for coronavirus?

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar. | Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo */ ]]> HHS Secretary Alex Azar can’t say how many Americans have been tested for coronavirus because private labs don’t need to report their numbers [...]

Jane Fonda endorses Bernie Sanders: ‘We have to get a climate president in office’

Actress and activist Jane Fonda voiced support Friday for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernard Sanders, citing the Vermont independent’s strong stance on climate change. “We have to get a climate president in office, and there’s [...]

We Predicted a Coronavirus Pandemic. Here’s What Policymakers Could Have Seen Coming.

*/ ]]> The news of a highly contagious new virus jumping from China to the U.S. has caught many Americans by surprise. For us, the outbreak was more like déjà vu: Last October, we convened a group of experts to work through what [...]

In India, Modi’s Policies Have Lit a Fuse

Hindu nationalist leaders deny accusations that their policies fueled the violence. “The government was too lenient with these protesters earlier, and that is why the anger built up over the last week and exploded, unfortunately. But [...]

Coronavirus Live Updates: China Says 1,700 Medical Workers Have Been Infected

China reported the number of infected medical workers for the first time. China disclosed on Friday that 1,716 medical workers have contracted the virus and six of them have died. The announcement was the first official confirmation [...]

Coronavirus Updates: Infection May Have Spread Through Hong Kong Building’s Pipes

Two infections on different floors in one Hong Kong building raise fears of spread. Hong Kong officials evacuated and quarantined dozens of residents of an apartment building after two people living on different floors were found [...]

Coronavirus Live Updates: More Than 800 Have Died in China, Surpassing Toll From SARS

The Chinese government has announced a temporary name for the illness caused by the coronavirus, ordering the local authorities and the state news media to adopt it. In English, it will be called N.C.P., for novel coronavirus pneumonia, [...]