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Welcome To Mr. Hannity’s Neighborhood, Where Trump Has Absolute Power And That’s JUST GREAT
This is not literally true, we must report. I’m not a white person of a certain age terrified that my place in the world is diminishing thanks to an advancing modernity I don’t fully comprehend, but if I were, I’d find FOX News a wonderful [...]
Hannity’s ethics under fire
Sean Hannity, the top-rated Fox News host and an especially influential voice in the Trump era, appears to have few constraints at the network. | Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images [...]
After Sean Hannity’s Twitter is hacked, fans blame “Deep State” conspiracy
Hannity is one of several cable news pundits who have had their Twitter accounts compromised in recent weeks. Security research company McAfee disclosed last week that the hackings appear to be the work of a private Turkish group calling itself [...]
John Kelly Supports Special Counsel Sean Hannity’s Call For Probe Of Made-Up Hillary Shit
If Fox News doesn’t set policy, then who does? Remember how — for about five minutes after he became Donald Trump’s chief of staff — people were talking about John Kelly being the adult in the room who would bring some order to the [...]
Wingnut Kelli Ward Gets Sean Hannity’s Endorsement To Murder Jeff Flake (With Votes)
Kelli Ward, Super-Patriot Ever since Donald Trump decided he doesn’t like Arizona’s junior senator, Jeff Flake, who wrote a mean book about him but voted to kill Obamacare anyway, there’s been a brief mini-surge of articles explainering [...]
Who The Hell Is Sean Hannity’s New Fake-News Boyfriend ‘Kim Dotcom’?
This week we learned that Sean Hannity COULD NOT shut up about the sad conspiracy theory that young DNC staffer Seth Rich WAS MURDERED BY HILLARY CLINTON. He couldn’t shut up about it because then he might have had to cover things like “Donald [...]