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Brexit for Dummies: An American’s guide to understanding Brexit

British writer, podcaster, and author of the book “Brexit: What The Hell Happens Now?”, Ian Dunt, joins us for Brexit 101, an American’s guide to what the heck all this Brexit talk really means. In this podcast, which you can listen [...]

The Only Impeachment Guide You’ll Ever Need

*/ ]]> It’s been barely a week since Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, and already the I-word is flying around Washington. “We’re going to impeach the motherfucker,” Rashida Tlaib declared jubilantly mere hours [...]

Is a 2nd Brexit Referendum Really the Answer? A User’s Guide

Just a few months ago, the idea of a so-called “people’s vote,” or second referendum, on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union was regarded by most commentators as fanciful. Now, an increasing number see it as the way [...]

AP news guide: Undecided North Carolina congressional race

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – A very close North Carolina congressional race still hasn’t been settled almost a month after Election Day, amid an investigation into alleged absentee ballot fraud that has raised questions about the credibility [...]

Xi and Trump: A beginner’s guide to translating Chinese diplomatic speak

President Donald Trump will meet Saturday with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Buenos Aires. | Amilcar Orfali/Getty Images South China Morning Post Language used in statements issued after the two leaders meet will offer clues as to [...]

Senate Dems’ guide back to the majority: A trailblazing freshman

Nevada’s Catherine Cortez Masto is preparing to lead the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee into its third consecutive attempt to wrest the majority from Republicans. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ [...]

An hour-by-hour guide to watching the 2018 election results

House 1 race Alaska GOP Rep. Don Young — first elected in a 1973 special election — is the dean of the House. But Young, 85, is locked in a surprisingly close race with Alyse Galvin, who won the Democratic primary but declined [...]

A guide to the 2018 midterm elections in Florida

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – Florida voters on Tuesday will elect a U.S. senator, a new governor, three Cabinet members and several new members of Congress while deciding to support or approve 12 proposed changes to the state’s constitution. Here’s [...]

The problems with Pruitt: A complete guide

The Problems with Scott Pruitt — POLITICO Advertisement Politics From Chick-fil-A to a stay in a lobbyist’s condo, these are the ethical quandaries spurring investigations into the EPA chief’s conduct. Spending His [...]
A Gun Nut’s Guide to Gun Control That Works
I am a gun industry insider, a lifelong gun owner and a vocal advocate for Second Amendment rights. I am a Texan and an American patriot who hauls my family to church every Sunday in a diesel pickup truck, where I sit in the pew and listen [...]