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Amazon Fires Prompt Alarm in Europe, and Anger at Brazil’s Government

LONDON — European leaders have reacted with growing fear and anger to the fires ravaging Brazil’s rain forest, calling it a worldwide crisis that is accelerating global warming — and one that Brazil’s leader appears unwilling [...]

Horse-Trading Begins for Italy’s Next Government. Who Will Outsmart the Other?

ROME — If Italy’s usually politically dexterous nationalist leader Matteo Salvini failed to anticipate one thing, it was that his political rivals would overcome their mutual animosity to join forces and stop him. But after triggering [...]

Yemeni Separatists Oust Government in Key City, Complicating Peace Efforts

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Yemeni separatists took over most of the southern city of Aden on Saturday, a major blow to the country’s internationally recognized government and to efforts by Saudi Arabia to put it back in control of all of [...]

NY protesters says government is “terrorizing” immigrants

NEW YORK (AP) – A crowd protesting what they called the government’s “terrorizing” of immigrant communities shut down part of a Manhattan highway. Hundreds sat in the middle of the West Side Highway on Saturday afternoon, linking [...]

Activists say pro-Syrian government journalist released

BEIRUT (AP) – Syrian activists and family members of a pro-government journalist say he’s been released after being detained and held incommunicado for eight months. The brother of Wissam al-Teer thanked Syria’s President Bashar Assad [...]

Hong Kong Strike Sinks City Into Chaos, and Government Has Little Reply

Labor unions said hundreds of thousands may have joined the strike, and some groups, like workers at Hong Kong Disneyland, did announce work stoppages. Others took a day of leave or called in sick to join the protests. After weeks of [...]

New Zealand government plans to ease abortion restrictions

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) – New Zealand’s government plans changes to the country’s abortion laws by treating the procedure as a health issue rather than a crime. While abortions have been available in New Zealand for decades, [...]

Hong Kong’s Civil Servants Protest Against Their Own Government

HONG KONG — Thousands of Hong Kong’s civil servants demonstrated against the government after work on Friday evening, sending a powerful message of discontent by joining the anti-government protests that began in early June. Despite [...]

Lawmakers seek limits on government non-disclosure pacts

BOSTON (AP) – Two state lawmakers are demanding an end to most non-disclosure agreements in state government. Democratic Sen. Diana DiZoglio and Republican Rep. Alyson Sullivan are also asking the state auditor to determine how many such [...]

Bring everyone who works for the federal government under the microscope

ANALYSIS/OPINION: To constrain the growth of central government, conservatives have fought to keep down the number of federal bureaucrats. This strategy has failed. Since the 1960s, the number of federal employees has remained constant at about [...]