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hey did you guys know there’s gonna be a live action pokemon movie

Donald Trump knows the true meaning of sacrifice“We are the Dead. Short days agoWe lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,Loved and were loved, and now we lie,In Flanders fields.”—Canadian soldier John McCrae,remembering the sacrifice of fellowWorld [...]

Trump’s intelligence chief on upcoming Putin visit: ‘That’s gonna be special’

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said he chose to appear at the Aspen Security Forum on Thursday because he felt the need to “correct the record” on U.S. [...]
Virginia Gonna Finally Let Poor People See Doctors. Tell Us Again How Voting Doesn’t Matter?
Come and get your love The Virginia General Assembly voted Wednesday to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, even though the White House warned them not to do it. See what happens when a state elects a Democratic governor and adds [...]
Sherrod Brown Gonna Get Walmart Off The Corporate Welfare Tit. Thanks, Sherrod Brown!
Sherrod Brown does ‘rumpled serious guy’ really damn well. Yesterday was the Center For American Progress’s annual “CAPIdeas” conference, featuring talks and panels by all sorts of cool progressive folks like Elizabeth Warren, Amy [...]

Great Artist Jon McNaughton Unveils Exciting New Mueller Painting, ‘Trump Gonna Cut A Bitch’

Where’s my money, Mueller? Where’s my GODDAMN MONEY? America’s Greatest Artist, hyperpatriot Jon McNaughton, is offering for sale a great new painting! This thing is titled “Expose the Truth.” It depicts Donald Trump grabbing a terrified [...]
Rudy Giuliani Gonna Get A Cramp If He Keeps His Head Stuck Up His Ass Like This
BEST FWENDS UPDATE: Fucking NBC fucked up. Michael Cohen’s phones did not get “wire tapps,” they got “pen registers,” which are easier to get than “wire tapps.” The rest of this post, about how Rudy Giuliani is a fucking moron, [...]
Jeff Sessions Gonna GIT TOUGH ON YA, For ‘Justice’
He’s not saying racial gerrymandering isn’t real. Just that it doesn’t matter much. Better? The US Department of Justice has just released its revised “US Attorneys’ Manual,” the guidebook that offers all federal prosecutors — [...]
Steve Bannon Gonna Show Trump How To Dissolve Russia Investigation In An Acid-Filled Bathtub
He woke up like this. We’re having a hard time picking out our favorite part of the “legal advice” well-known “lawyer” Steve Bannon is pitching to the White House, in a bid to show Donald Trump that he, Bannon, is still Trump’s [...]
Who Texas Ag Commissioner Gonna Call? Dr. Feelgood! Feelgood Make You Feel All Right!
In 2016, Texas Agricultural Commissioner (and former rodeo cowboy!) Sid Miller appointed ex-doctor Rick Ray Redalen to the state’s Rural Health Task Force. In a completely bizarre coincidence, Redalen was also one of Miller’s biggest [...]
How Pissed Putin Gonna Be About These Sanctions, On A Scale Of One To ‘Guess I’ll Poison Somebody’?
WHOA, the Trump administration actually sanctioned some damn Russians! Congress has been ordering them to do this for A WHILE NOW, but Donald Trump hasn’t wanted to, because he is in romantic love with Vladimir Putin, and besides, he wouldn’t [...]