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Senate Sunday: Will Beto O’Rourke Beat Ted Cruz In A Boat? Will He Beat Him With A Goat?

[embedded content] Texas holds its primary elections on Tuesday, and here’s a little factoid that should gladden your bruised cynical hearts, O ye Wonkers: For the first time in a quarter of a century, Democrats [...]

Ted Cruz Does Not Like Lisa Simpson In A Boat, Does Not Like Her With A Goat

Guess we can see why Cruz wouldn’t like Lisa Ted Cruz isn’t just a loathsome little toady who nobody likes. That’s a given. No, what’s worse is that he thinks he gets pop culture, and then proves just how very badly he doesn’t, like [...]

this pine has goat to go

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Feed for farm animals is one way to repurpose a Christmas tree CENTERVILLE – On a sunny morning last week, Gus, Bambi and Leland were among the dozen goats waiting for their next meal in their backyard pen. The truckload of vibrant, fragrant [...]