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Migrants in Tijuana Know Trump Doesn’t Want Them. They Aren’t Giving Up.

TIJUANA — Life in Tijuana’s largest migrant shelter has begun to take on the familiar rhythms and sounds of a Central American neighborhood: Early in the morning, adults rise and get ready to go to work. Children dress for school. [...]

Anthony Kennedy retiring, giving Trump opening to reshape Supreme Court

Justice Anthony Kennedy has been on the Supreme Court for more than three decades. | Eric Thayer/Getty Images The departure of the 81-year-old [...]
North Korea Is Willing to Discuss Giving Up Nuclear Weapons, South Says
The statement said the two Koreas would begin working-level discussions to prepare for the summit meeting, to be held in the Freedom House, a South Korean building in Panmunjom, the so-called truce village that straddles the border. Before [...]
Trump Giving Out Security Clearances Like Jizz-Stained Copies Of Forbes
As the scandal of former White House secretary and wife beater Rob Porter unfolded last week, we learned that — just like Porter — there are “dozens” of White House officials who lack a proper security clearance. According to White [...]
Wingnut GOP Congressman Thanks Trump For Giving America Throbbing Erection For Christmas
CHRISTMAS BONE ZONE Here is a guy who is going to have a Merry Holiday! Excuse us, CHRISTMAS, A MERRY FUCKING GODDAMNED CHRISTMAS is what he is going to have, because Donald Trump has rescinded the Obama-era regulation that banned Christmas. [...]
Jeff Sessions Isn’t Giving up on Weed. He’s Doubling Down.
A year ago, when president-elect Donald Trump announced Senator Jeff Sessions would be his attorney general, advocates for marijuana law reform were suddenly seized with panic. The longtime Alabama senator, they knew, had once joked that he [...]
Giving Thanks for Strong Global Markets with This Vanguard ETF
With a year-to-date return around 23%, the Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETF (VEA), and other exchange-traded funds (ETFs) like it, are giving international investors plenty of reasons to be thankful this holiday season. 2016 was undoubtedly [...]
Trump tweet: ‘Wacky Congressman Wilson’ is the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ for Republicans
President Trump continued his feud with Rep. Frederica S. Wilson in a tweet on Sunday, calling the Florida Democrat the “gift that keeps on giving” for the Republican Party. Wacky Congresswoman Wilson is the gift that keeps on giving for [...]
Trump Orders Military To Resume Giving Cops Free Grenade Launchers, Bayonets, And Tanks
The decision overturns the sensible restrictions imposed by the Obama administration after Ferguson, MO. WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump will repeal restrictions that former President Barack Obama placed on police access to excess military [...]

5 ways Chris Christie is giving voters a giant middle finger before he leaves office

This article originally appeared on AlterNet. Chris Christie is just trolling New Jerseyans at this point. In June, a Quinnipiac University poll found that his approval rating stood at a dismal 15 percent, the lowest of any American governor [...]