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Berlin Journal: Germans Quietly Pass an Equinox of Unity, but the Walls Remain

Teachers, judges and civil servants were shipped in from western states to replace a generation of easterners who had come of age in Communism and were considered unfit, Mr. Krüger said. “Of course people were bitter about that,” [...]

Merkel Says Germans ‘Never Had It Better.’ But Many Feel Left Behind.

The country, no doubt, remains one of the world’s wealthiest, home to four of the globe’s largest companies by revenue, according to Forbes, with one of the highest average incomes in the European Union and lowest unemployment rates, [...]

Germans petition for release of Russian theater director

6 months ago | 0 comment
BERLIN (AP) – Two German theater directors called on Russian authorities Sunday to drop a criminal investigation of a Russian director who has been put under house arrest for allegedly embezzling government funds. German theater director [...]

Boorish Trump alienates Brits and Germans in one day

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Donald Trump managed to damage relations today with two of America’s closest and most important allies, the United Kingdom and Germany. First, came the White House doubling down on its bizarre and unfounded claim yesterday that British intelligence [...]