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Protest at Gaza Fence Is Mostly Peaceful as Both Sides Urge Restraint

NAHAL OZ, Israel — Tens of thousands of Palestinians returned to the borderland between Gaza and Israel on Saturday for a largely peaceful protest marking the first anniversary of demonstrations that have frequently led to violent [...]

Rocket From Gaza Hits Israel, Prompting Netanyahu to Curtail U.S. Trip

JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel cut short his visit to the United States on Monday, hours after a rocket launched from Gaza struck a house in central Israel, injuring seven people and posing a new challenge [...]

Hamas Crackdown on Gaza Protests Instills Fear

Hamas accused the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority, led by Fatah, of orchestrating the protests in a “vicious scheme” to create chaos and insecurity to harm the armed struggle against Israel. Gaza’s Health Ministry, which has [...]

Israel Strikes After Rockets Are Fired From Gaza to Tel Aviv

Now, however, he is campaigning for re-election on April 9, facing pressure from hawkish right-wing rivals — like Naftali Bennett, the education minister who wants to be defense minister — and a serious challenge from a new party, [...]

Israelis May Have Committed Crimes Against Humanity in Gaza Protests, U.N. Says

GENEVA — United Nations investigators said on Thursday that Israeli troops may have committed crimes against humanity in shooting unarmed civilians — including children — who posed no threat during the mass protests last year [...]

A Day, a Life: When a Medic Was Killed in Gaza, Was It an Accident?

Mistakes Add Up A senior Israeli commander told The Times in August that 60 to 70 other Gaza protesters had been killed unintentionally, around half the total killed at that point. Yet the Israeli army’s rules of engagement remain unchanged, [...]

If Gaza Brings Down Netanyahu’s Government, Can He Rise Again?

JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has so far survived corruption investigations and the threat of bribery charges without much damage to his standing. But his government teetered on the edge of collapse on Friday [...]

Deadly Gaza Raid by Israel Threatens Nascent Cease-Fire

JERUSALEM — A covert Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip apparently went bad on Sunday, leaving at least seven Palestinians dead, including one senior Hamas military commander, and puncturing a nascent cease-fire with a flurry of [...]

Tensions Ease in Gaza, Allowing Money and Fuel to Roll In

Beyond those initial steps, much more must be done for a cease-fire to take hold, say people familiar with the Egyptian plan. In coming weeks, Hamas expects to keep a lid on the protests — allowing peaceful demonstrations but preventing [...]

Renewed Fire Between Israel and Gaza Interrupts Talk of Cease-Fire

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Israel and Hamas exchanged blows across the Gaza border as Egypt and the United Nations tried to broker a long-term cease-fire. Source: NYT > World