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If Gaza Brings Down Netanyahu’s Government, Can He Rise Again?

JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has so far survived corruption investigations and the threat of bribery charges without much damage to his standing. But his government teetered on the edge of collapse on Friday [...]

Deadly Gaza Raid by Israel Threatens Nascent Cease-Fire

JERUSALEM — A covert Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip apparently went bad on Sunday, leaving at least seven Palestinians dead, including one senior Hamas military commander, and puncturing a nascent cease-fire with a flurry of [...]

Tensions Ease in Gaza, Allowing Money and Fuel to Roll In

Beyond those initial steps, much more must be done for a cease-fire to take hold, say people familiar with the Egyptian plan. In coming weeks, Hamas expects to keep a lid on the protests — allowing peaceful demonstrations but preventing [...]

Renewed Fire Between Israel and Gaza Interrupts Talk of Cease-Fire

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Israel and Hamas exchanged blows across the Gaza border as Egypt and the United Nations tried to broker a long-term cease-fire. Source: NYT > World

Israel Launches Broad Air Assault in Gaza Following Border Violence

[unable to retrieve full-text content] A Palestinian sniper killed an Israeli soldier along the border fence during a day of escalating hostilities. Israel responded with a fierce assault against Hamas military targets. Source: NYT > [...]

At Gaza Protests: Kites, Drones, Gas, Guns and the Occasional Bomb

NAHAL OZ, Israel — The last Friday of Ramadan again brought thousands of Palestinians to the fence that separates the Gaza Strip from Israel for a day of peaceful protests, or violent riots, depending on which side you support in [...]
A Woman Dedicated to Saving Lives Loses Hers in Gaza Violence
Ms. Najjar was a resident of Khuzaa, a farming village near the border with Israel, east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip. Her father, Ashraf al-Najjar, had a shop that sold motorcycle parts, which was destroyed in an Israeli [...]
A Child of Gaza Dies. A Symbol Is Born. The Arguing Begins.
The boy assumed that Layla’s mother was already on the bus. In fact, she was in another part of the house, suffering from a toothache. Still, Layla was hardly the only infant at the protest. Entire families had come along, some snacking [...]
Violence Ebbs but Tensions Do Not in Gaza
GAZA — Protest turned to mourning across Gaza on Tuesday as the territory came to a reckoning with the violence at the border fence with Israel on Monday, when Israeli soldiers killed 60 protesters and wounded many hundreds more. Doctors [...]
A Hope ‘Each Bullet Was Justified’: Israelis Reflect on Gaza Deaths
NAHAL OZ, Israel — Daniel Rahamim, 63, had four Palestinians from nearby Gaza at his wedding in 1983. He remembers sunbathing on Gaza’s beaches, and drinking tea at a friend’s antique shop there. But that was long ago — before [...]