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Russians, Feeling Poor and Protesting Garbage, Suffer Winter Blues

URDOMA, Russia — Russia’s countryside and smaller cities have long been fertile ground for President Vladimir V. Putin and his message of restoring bygone greatness, but even here, there are limits. Plans to ship Moscow’s garbage [...]

‘Garbage compromise’: Hannity warns Republicans not to back spending deal

“Any Republican that supports this garbage compromise, you will have to explain,” said Fox News host Sean Hannity. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> President Donald Trump’s most ardent [...]

‘The Dump Killed My Son’: Mountains of Garbage Engulf India’s Capital

But “political will has not materialized into financing,” he said, adding that waste management is not an issue voters hold politicians accountable for. At the Ghazipur dump in Rammurti’s village, which opened in 1984, paid employees [...]
Mosul Journal: ‘Here Is the Graveyard of ISIS.’ Mosul Garbage Men Collect Remains.
The bodies the trash collectors retrieve also end up at a municipal dump, but they are buried in unmarked mass pits around the edges. If they do find a body that they think belongs to a civilian rather than an Islamic State fighter, they [...]
Scott Pruitt Is Slovenly Garbage Person And His Bodyguard Is A Thug
We don’t even want to think about who or what he mounted. What with all the Donald Trump is a crazy person and so is his dumbass lawyer news this week, you may have missed the latest twists in the saga of Scott Pruitt, EPA Overlord. There [...]
The Week In Garbage Humans: ‘Trump Curse’ Prevented Lindsey Vonn From Getting A Medal
Given the events of the last week, I’m going to be steering clear of the usual manosphere forums I usually scan for this feature. I just… I can’t. It’s too sickening and too real, and I don’t feel like making wisecracks right now [...]
Deleted Emails: How’s Your Garbage Piece Of Shit Website No One Cares About? :)
Also, please write more time-loop stories. You can never have too many time-loop stories! We have some good old-fashioned email for you today, Wonkers. With so much communication shifting to texts and the Twitters, we’re simply delighted [...]

Sri Lanka Garbage Dump Collapse Kills at Least 19

Photo Soldiers looked for survivors after a garbage dump collapsed and buried people dozens of houses in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Friday. Credit Dinuka Liyanawatte/Reuters [...]

Airlines Can Treat You Like Garbage Because They Are an Oligopoly + Other related articles

This week, everyone is asking some variation of this question: Why did law enforcement board the plane? Passenger wasn’t drunk, disorderly, threatening. Is it police SOP To be at #United’s beck & call? There is actually a pretty [...]

Morocco Says Crushing of Vendor in Garbage Truck Was Homicide

Photo A protest in Al Hoceima, Morocco, on Monday, after the death of Mouhcine Fikri, a fishmonger who was crushed in a garbage truck as he tried to retrieve fish confiscated by the police. [...]