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These 5 Numbers Explain Why the French Are in the Streets

President Emmanuel Macron of France is facing the toughest crisis of his leadership after three weeks of violent protests across the country. “Yellow Vest” demonstrators have demanded that the government give financial relief to [...]

French premier holds talks after violent protests in Paris

PARIS (AP) – French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is holding crisis talks with representatives of major political parties in the wake of violent anti-government protests that have rocked Paris. More than 100 people were injured in the [...]

Macron Has a Long-Term Vision. But the French Have Urgent Needs.

They disdained his eloquence and his acknowledgment that many of the Yellow Vests had been placed in an impossible situation — forced out of the cities by high housing prices, and now priced out of rural areas by rising gas prices. “I [...]

Marseille Dispatch: In a ‘French Detroit,’ a Housing Crisis Turns Deadly for Poor

MARSEILLE, France — The red-helmeted marine firefighter was firm. “Right,” he told the anxious families gathered around him, “we’re closing up the building.” Bewildered and frightened, they climbed the darkened, rickety [...]

French Hill condemns campaign ad warning black men of ‘lynchings when a white girl screams rape’

A Republican U.S. House candidate in Arkansas criticized an outside group’s ad that caused political jaws on Twitter to drop to the floor. The ad, paid for the group Black Americans for the President’s Agenda, is playing on Arkansas radio [...]

French Turn on Macron, as They Grow Impatient for Results

CIVRAY, France — The cheese lady, the melon man, the retiree downing his morning glass, the olive seller, the housewife sipping coffee and the village mayor submerged by constituents’ unpaid bills — all agreed that their country’s [...]

Marseilles Dispatch: Yes, There Is a French McDonald’s That Is Beloved — by Its Staff

MARSEILLE, France — The nearly 20-year-old images have entered French folklore: peasants, farmers and ex-hippies dismantling a rural McDonald’s, panel by panel, in what became a symbol of France’s resistance to American fast food. Today [...]

French and U.K. Fishing Boats Clash in ‘Scallop War’

LONDON — It’s been called the “scallop war” — a simmering rivalry that spilled out into the open again this week when French and British vessels clashed in the English Channel, French fishermen tossed what appeared to be smoke [...]

Far-Right Cell Plotted Attack on French Muslims, Authorities Say

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Ten members of a group that said it was “fighting the Islamic peril” face terrorism charges. Guns, ammunition and explosive material were seized. Source: NYT > World

Sorrow and Questions in a French Village After Anthony Bourdain’s Suicide

“Is this where it happened?” Mr. Gil wondered, standing in front of Le Chambard. Like so many Americans, Mr. Gil had watched Mr. Bourdain’s television shows and was a fan. “It makes me sad; it’s the second star who kills himself,” [...]