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Thousands Rally Against Anti-Semitism in France After Vandalism of Jewish Cemetery

Two days later, a centuries-old Jewish cemetery in the small village of Quatzenheim, in northeastern France, was vandalized in the night. Some 96 tombs were spray-painted with blue swastikas. It was not the first such incident in Alsace, [...]

France Dispatch: As Migrant Routes Shift, a French Mayor Offers Shelter

BAYONNE, France — The government in Paris disapproves. But the local mayor doesn’t care. He says he will continue sheltering the Africans crossing the Spanish border into France. For Jean-René Etchegaray, mayor of Bayonne, a quiet [...]

Week 13 of ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests in France

PARIS — In the 13th straight weekend of “Yellow Vest” demonstrations in France, protesters showed no sign of letting up pressure on the government and did not appear appeased by concessions by President Emmanuel Macron. There [...]

France Recalls Ambassador to Italy After Minister Meets ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters

France recalled its ambassador to Italy on Thursday, an extraordinary diplomatic rupture between longtime European Union and NATO allies, after a series of provocations by Italy’s populist leaders, culminating in a meeting between a top [...]

Germany and France Renew Their Vows, but Challenges Abound

BERLIN — When it was originally signed in 1963, in the long wake of World War II and with the Cold War deepening, the Élysée Treaty served to reconcile Germany and France and establish their relationship as “an indispensable stage [...]

France Dispatch: As Migrants Risk Crossing the English Channel, French Fishing Boats Pay a Price

BOULOGNE-SUR-MER, France — There is disquiet along the cold, foggy quays of this major French fishing port facing Britain. Captain after captain, returning to Boulogne-sur-Mer in squat fishing boats with the day’s haul of crab and [...]

Yellow Vest Leader Is Arrested in France Amid Crackdown

PARIS — The French police have arrested a prominent leader of the Yellow Vest movement for a second time, in a clear sign that the government is following through on a pledge to crack down on the protests that have shaken France for much [...]

The Question for France: Where Do the Yellow Vests Go From Here?

PARIS — The Yellow Vest tornado has created a political vacuum in France. The government of President Emmanuel Macron is weakened. The opposition parties are discredited. And the populist uprising itself proclaims its disdain for [...]

Strasbourg Shooting Was Terrorism, France Says, as Police Search for Gunman

Being flagged with an S file — the “S” stands for La Sûreté de l’État, or security of the state — does not mean that the person has been convicted of an offense or is even suspected of one. Instead, it is a way for French security [...]

Unrest in France Hinders Macron’s Push to Revive Economy

PARIS — The need to accelerate growth has long been visible in almost every corner of the French economy, from dreary unemployment offices packed with job seekers to businesses whose financially stretched customers struggle to make [...]