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Coronavirus vaccine could arrive in ‘three weeks, four weeks,’ Donald Trump says

It could be three weeks before there’s a COVID-19 vaccine, the president announced at a town hall hosted by ABC in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. President Trump told voters at the event in Philadelphia at the National Constitution Center [...]

Polls show Biden with the advantage in four battleground states

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. | Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo */ ]]> New polls in four key battleground states show Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with the edge over President Donald Trump, including in one of [...]

Donald Trump vetoes first domestic bill in four years, rejects measure on education loan forgiveness

President Trump vetoed a domestic policy bill for the first time Friday night, rejecting a bipartisan measure that would have barred Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from implementing a new rule determining how defrauded student borrowers could [...]

Coronavirus Diary: Four Stints in Quarantine, on Two Continents

Before the pandemic, my friends called me “the empress,” a joking reference to my last name. But these days, they have begun referring to me by another, slightly less esteemed royal moniker: I am now the Quarantine Queen. That’s [...]

Coronavirus Live Updates: Three Out of Four Americans Ordered to Stay Home

Roughly three out of four Americans are under orders to stay home, or will be soon. While many states have issued stay-at-home directives to try to slow the virus’s spread — with Maryland, Virginia and Arizona becoming the latest [...]

Mitch McConnell touts four GOP priorities for third coronavirus package

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell outlined the Republican priorities for the phase three coronavirus economic spending package that lawmakers are feverishly working on across Capitol Hill. “These are not ordinary policies. This is no [...]

Four reasons why Biden shocked Sanders

*/ ]]> On Tuesday night Joe Biden engineered one of the most monumental political comebacks in the history of party primaries. The scale of his Super Tuesday rout over three well-funded and hyper-organized Democrats — Bernie Sanders, [...]

Border Patrol agents chant ‘Four more years’ at Trump speech

Border Patrol agents chanted “four more years” as President Trump spoke to them at the White House Friday, taking a victory lap over ongoing construction of his border wall. Mr. Trump praised the design, saying it’s not the concrete version [...]

Why four key Republicans split — and the witness vote tanked

*/ ]]> When Lamar Alexander and Lisa Murkowski met privately in his third-floor Capitol hideaway on Thursday night, Alexander broke the news: He was going to vote against bringing in new witnesses in President Donald Trump’s impeachment [...]

Here are the four Senate factions that will decide Trump’s fate

*/ ]]> As the Senate embarks on the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump — only the third such trial in U.S. history — there’s intense speculation over how senators will vote in the case. And while there is virtually no chance [...]