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With Brett Kavanaugh nonsense, the politics we’ve known are finished

ANALYSIS/OPINION: Here’s where we are, people: The country’s most respected newspaper is combing through a Supreme Court nominee’s high school yearbook in search of dirt. His %@$ ^*&#$ high school yearbook! That’s how squeaky [...]
House Intel Republicans All Finished Pretending To Investigate Russia Now
fuck off Oh no, everyone, bad news. The House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI), by which we mean the Republicans on the committee, has announced it will no longer feign interest in investigating Russia, so that Devin Nunes can be free to obstruct [...]

Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News tenure is finished: report

Bill O’Reilly, the right-wing political commentator who propelled Fox News to the cable juggernaut it is today, will not be returning to his primetime show or the network, New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reported on Wednesday. The [...]