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Lebanon removes banking secrecy rules to fight corruption

BEIRUT (AP) – Lebanon’s parliament approved on Thursday a law to remove decades-old banking secrecy rules in order to better fight rampant corruption that has pushed the country to the edge of economic collapse. The move opens the way [...]

DOJ tells Illinois to handle shutdown fight in state courts

The Trump administration struck a blow for federalism Friday, filing papers in court telling Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker that the fight over his coronavirus shutdown order belongs before a state judge, not in federal court. A state representative [...]

How France Lost the Weapons to Fight a Pandemic

PARIS — When President Emmanuel Macron repeatedly declared “war” on the coronavirus in March, he solemnly promised that France would support “front-line” health workers with “the means, the protection.” The reality [...]

Trump vs. the skeptics: Reopening fight highlights polar opposite outcomes

*/ ]]> President Donald Trump along with his most fervent backers, Wall Street investors and some conservative economists are making a big bet: Swiftly reopening the U.S. economy will go relatively smoothly with little resurgence [...]

Europe’s Battle-Hardened Nations Show Resilience in Virus Fight

BRUSSELS — As the coronavirus has hopscotched the world, a paradox has emerged: Rich nations are not necessarily better at fighting the crisis than poorer ones. In Europe, the disease has been burning through Britain, France and [...]

‘It’s going to be a big, gigantic, gargantuan fight’

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Building. The powerful trade group is working to convince lawmakers to make it harder for workers and customers sickened by coronavirus to sue businesses. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images */ ]]> Lobbyists [...]

Trump administration urges full appeals court to stay out of fight for Don McGahn testimony

The Trump administration on Tuesday urged a federal court to stay out of its fight with House Democrats who are again seeking to compel the testimony of former White House Counsel Don McGahn. A full slate of judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals [...]

Facebook to publish location data for highly visible accounts to fight foreign influence

Facebook said it will begin publishing the location information of high-reach Facebook pages and Instagram accounts to help combat foreign influence efforts and provide more transparency. The piloting of the new feature will focus on foreign [...]

Trump revs up for a state-by-state fight over coronavirus shutdowns

*/ ]]> President Donald Trump is preparing for a long battle with America’s governors to save himself from the political fallout from coronavirus. Over the next two weeks at the urging of the Trump administration, the map of the [...]

Migrant Nurses Fight the Coronavirus Half a World From Home

MANILA — There were seven nurses in the Buendia family. One of them, Jhoanna Mariel Buendia, got a call from the Philippines on March 28, just before the start of her shift at an intensive care unit in a British hospital. It was her [...]