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Yes America, The EU Is Your Fault.

Today in Britain, among “people like us” – you may recognize that as a Thatcher phrase — the book we are reading is Julian Jackson’s new biography, “A Certain Idea of France: the Life of Charles de Gaulle.”  To see if people [...]

Hate Mail and Conversion Advice: Interfaith Couple Caught in Israel’s Fault Lines

JERUSALEM — For as long as she has anchored her own television news program — about five years, in different iterations — Lucy Aharish has always opened by greeting her viewers in both Hebrew and Arabic. It’s only natural: She [...]
Equifax Real Sorry It Let Hackers Steal Your Driver’s License, But It’s Not Their Fault.
At the end of last week, credit reporting agency Equifax revealed that an additional 2.4 million people had personal information stolen last year as part of a hack that saw 145.5 million people lose personal information. Equifax says that these [...]
Whose Fault Is the Shutdown?
After weeks of negotiating the federal budget, Republicans, Democrats and the White House couldn’t strike a deal but could agree on this: A government shutdown was a horrible idea, and if it happened, it would be the other side’s fault, [...]
ARE YOU READY TO SHUTDOWN???? A Wonksplainer Of ‘Yeah, No, Really, It’s Republicans’ Fault’
Trump has a lot of heart for these people he also wants to deport. If he knows they’re the same people. You know the possibility of a government shutdown is serious when Donald Trump cancels his plans to go golfing. Or at least delays them. [...]
The Tax Bill Was Not The Democrats’ Fault You Silly Wankers
THIS WOMAN IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SHITTY CONGRESS I don’t like your faves. Let’s get that out of the way up front. I have met them, you see, and they are people just like us and most of them are assholes when the cameras are off, same [...]
Still Being Stupid About ‘Hillary’s Emails’? It’s Not Your Fault. We’re Here To Help.
Dear reader, we are so sorry you are still being very dumb about these motherfucking “Hillary Clinton” emails. But it’s NOT YOUR FAULT! Look, here’s the Prince of Emails himself, Julian Assange, on Twitter last night: The ‘thousands [...]

Mitt Romney is no hero: He’s a big old two-time failure, and Donald Trump is partly his fault

After much speculation and public embarrassment, it turns out that Mitt Romney will not be Donald Trump’s secretary of state nominee after all. That designation goes to Exxon Mobil CEO and obvious soap-opera villain Rex Tillerson, who won [...]