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He Built a Holocaust Memorial by a Far-Right Leader’s Home. Now He’s Under Investigation.

BERLIN — Germany’s most notorious far-right politician, Björn Höcke, a man who has called the Holocaust memorial in Berlin “a monument of shame,” was furious when he woke up one morning to find a section of the memorial built [...]

Leaked video shows Portland police making deal to hold off arrests of far-right group

A new video has surfaced that apparently shows a Portland law enforcement officer striking a deal with a far-right group leader to prevent arresting his members last June. The video is cut from Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson during a violent [...]

Ukraine detains dozens of far-right activists in Kiev

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) – Several dozen far-right activists in Ukraine have been detained after clashes with police in the capital of Kiev. Far-right activists on Saturday tried to storm a police station in Kiev after several others were detained [...]

GOP far-right icon Candace Owens says Hitler would have been “fine” had he not gone global

In a bizarre, and troubling, video just published by Media Matters News Director John Whitehouse, far-right Republican icon Candace Owens explains her views on Hitler and nationalism, and they’re a doozie. Owens, who is the communications [...]

Germany’s Far-Right Rebrands: Friendlier Face, Same Doctrine

HALLE, Germany — Christmas carols were playing and the scent of ginger hung in the crisp December air. Students sold organic plum compote and served mulled wine in biodegradable cups made from sugar cane. But then there were the postcards. “Islamization? [...]

Greens Thrive in Germany as the ‘Alternative’ to Far-Right Populism

BERLIN — A new political force is shaking up Germany: Its leaders campaign in Bavarian beer tents wearing traditional dirndls and tour the country quoting the national anthem. One member recently wrote a book about patriotism, another [...]

Germans Appalled by Threat From Trump’s Ambassador to Help Far-Right Nationalists Take Power

Germans Appalled by Threat From Trump’s Ambassador to Help Far-Right Nationalists Take Power Across Europe The German government demanded a formal explanation from the United States on Monday of what, exactly, the new U.S. ambassador [...]

Jair Bolsonaro, Far-Right Populist, Elected President of Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil on Sunday became the latest country to drift toward the far right, electing a strident populist as president in the nation’s most radical political change since democracy was restored more than 30 years ago. The [...]

Brazil Election Results: Far-Right Candidate Heads to Runoff After Missing Outright Win

RIO DE JANEIRO — A far-right candidate who has spoken fondly of Brazil’s onetime military dictatorship came within a hairbreadth of outright victory in the country’s presidential election on Sunday, as Brazilians expressed disgust [...]

Far-Right Candidate Widens Lead in Brazil’s Presidential Race

RIO DE JANEIRO — In the last days of Brazil’s splintered and divisive presidential race, most of the 13 candidates stumped across the country, sparring in debates and broadcasting attack ads in a last-ditch bid for votes. But Jair [...]