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U.K. Investigates 3,000 Foreign Medics, After Fake Doctor Is Exposed

LONDON — In a land where matters of public health care are never far from scrutiny and sometimes scandal, the British medical authorities acknowledged on Monday that they were checking the credentials of some 3,000 foreign physicians, [...]

Fake News Autopsy

Whenever Donald Trump talks about fake news, there are howls of indignation from the establishment media. We’re told that the very mention of “fake news” is a direct attack on our democracy, that the alternative is “darkness,” that [...]

Facebook’s election ‘war room’ takes aim at fake information

MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) — In an otherwise innocuous part of Facebook’s expansive Silicon Valley campus, a locked door bears a taped-on sign that reads “War Room.” Behind the door lies a nerve center the social network has set up to [...]

Shooting Yourself in the Foot with a Fake Arrow

It is not often you see a politically savvy, likely presidential candidate shoot herself in the proverbial foot. Yet that’s exactly what Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) did this week, and you might say she did so with a fake Indian arrow. Sen. [...]

South Korea Declares War on ‘Fake News,’ Worrying Government Critics

President Moon, Mr. Lee’s boss, took power last year after Park Geun-hye was impeached as president and ousted on corruption and other criminal charges. While in office, Ms. Park was also widely accused of plotting to silence her critics. Now, [...]

Manafort Trial Day 2: A fake bill, a banned word, and a Rick Gates surprise

This courtroom sketch depicts Paul Manafort, fourth from right, standing with his lawyers in front of U.S. district Judge T.S. Ellis III, center rear, and the selected [...]

British Lawmakers Accuse Facebook of Failing to Aid Inquiry Into ‘Fake News’

[unable to retrieve full-text content] In a report to be released Sunday, a parliamentary committee accused Facebook of providing “disingenuous” answers to questions and of withholding information. Source: NYT > World
Dennis Prager’s Fake ‘University’ Is Back, Lying Like A Common Trump U
As everyone knows, the only real racism is from people dressed like this. Hey remember the history liars at Dennis Prager’s “Prager University”? Since their bullshit video about how Democrats are totally the KKK got tweeted all over the [...]
Scott Pruitt Stars In ‘My Dinner With Accused Sex-Abuser Cardinal Who Says Global Warming’s Fake’
Note: Andre Gregory and Wally Shawn are not cardinals, and have never dined with Scott Pruitt. One of Scott Pruitt’s favorite hobbyhorses in his first year as EPA administrator — and one of his excuses for jetting around the world for the [...]
Nurse Jackie And Cynthia Nixon Want You To Throw The Fake Democrats OUT
Someone left a weird New York-shaped cake out in the rain. Of bricks. Which we are shitting. Yr Wonkette likes to learn things, although sometimes it makes us mad. It makes us mean mad, even, just like Tom Joad, and then we have to go run down [...]