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Pelosi says Democrats poised to impeach Trump: ‘The facts are clear’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Saturday reassured her Democratic colleagues that they had evidence against President Trump that would lead to impeachment. She told them that they were building public support for impeachment and that Mr. Trump’s [...]

AP FACT CHECK: Trump myths on economy; Dems’ selective facts

WASHINGTON (AP) – The country described by the Democrats running for president is mired in child poverty, riven with economic unfairness and broken in its approach to health care, crime and guns. The country presented by President Donald [...]

AP FACT CHECK: On break, no break by Trump in twisting facts

WASHINGTON (AP) – Displaying a thin grasp of science, President Donald Trump questioned the reality of global warming because it was cold outside. Then came a federal report laying out the severe consequences of climate change and rebutting [...]

White House says Trump was just stating facts when questioning Blasey Ford’s testimony

The White House said Wednesday that President Trump was merely “stating the facts” when he questioned the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, who accuses Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh of sexual assault. “He was stating facts [...]

7 facts on Brett Kavanaugh

Browse Videos Watch Video President Barack Obama’s eulogy for Sen. John McCain 09/01/18 01:27 PM EDT Watch Video President George W. Bush’s eulogy for Sen. John McCain 09/01/18 12:01 PM EDT Watch [...]

Trump policy shop filters facts to fit his message

President Donald Trump’s appointees in the health department have deleted positive references to Obamacare, altered a report that undermined the administration’s positions on refugees and added anti-abortion language to the strategic plan [...]
Trump says Giuliani will ‘get his facts straight’
‘Rudy is a great guy but he just started a day ago,’ the president says. By CRISTIANO LIMA 05/04/2018 10:51 AM EDT Updated [...]
Donald Trump Brags About Making Shit Up, Because Only Losers Need ‘Facts’
‘It’s got my name on it. You have to let me sit in it and pretend to drive.’ Donald Trump gave a closed-door speech to Republican donors in Missouri yesterday, but the Washington Post got its hands on a recording of the talk. Trump told [...]
Kellyanne Conway: The American people “have their own facts”
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway bashed the many fact-checking websites that have attempted to keep track of the hot air spewing out of the Trump administration, saying that “Americans are their own fact-checkers” and [...]
Deleted Comments: If Liberals Knew History Facts, They’d Know ‘W.E.B. De Bois’ Hated Mexicans
And spell my name right now and then while you’re at it, ‘kay? Yr Wonkette was visited by a History Expert last week, and that genius taught us a thing or two about some important history knowledge from American history, in response to [...]