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‘They expect more from women’: Collins and Murkowski face extra pressure in Kavanaugh fight

Sen. Susan Collins and Sen. Lisa Murkowski are facing appeals, both overt and subtle, to their gender as they weigh the allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images Congress Fair or not, there [...]
Rome Journal: ‘Extra’ Cardinals Invade the Vatican (Blessings Not Included)
ROME — The cardinals seemed to be everywhere, checking their cellphones as they sat on parked mopeds, petting dogs and wearing plastic bibs over their pectoral crosses as they waited in line for lunch on a small street outside the [...]
Trump’s Executive Time Twitter Was Extra Loony This Morning!
This thing is great for twitter reception Lordy, President Executive Time is livetweeting Fox again! Why must the country be subjected to so much bullshit before 10 in the morning? Can’t we all just eat our damn breakfast without being bombarded [...]
Japanese Company Offers Extra Days Off to Workers Who Don’t Smoke
The rollout of the new benefit comes as other companies in Japan grapple with how to encourage their own workers to make healthier choices and as the government faces international pressure to crack down on public smoking before the 2020 [...]
Ever Had A Baby? Pay An Extra $17,000 Per YEAR For Healthcare, Because Barack Obama Is Black
Hope we won’t need to use this one much… Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy have simply had it with all of the liberals’ mean, lying lies about the Graham-Cassidy plan to kill the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a system of block [...]
Woman facing deportation gets extra 30 days to prepare
DENVER (AP) – A Peruvian woman who spent several months at a Quaker meeting house in Denver to avoid deportation has been granted 30 days to prepare to leave the U.S. The American Friends Service Committee says U.S. Immigration and Customs [...]
The hidden extra costs of living with a disability
This piece originally appeared on The Conversation. Disability is often incorrectly assumed to be rare. However, global estimates suggest than one in seven adults has some form of disability. The term “disability” covers a number of [...]
US to offer 15,000 extra temporary worker visas this year
WASHINGTON (AP) – The Trump administration will offer an extra 15,000 temporary, seasonal work visas this budget year. The extra H-2B visas are for seasonal, non-agriculture workers for jobs at a variety of businesses, including resorts. [...]
Don’t Spend Your Extra $40 From Trump’s Tax Plan In One Place! (Or $940,000 If You Are Trump)
Burn it all down. With votes. Flaming votes. Back in March, Donald Trump dropped a 1-page summary of vague wishes from the Republican Id and the Heritage Foundation and called it a “tax plan.” Everyone knew it wasn’t really a tax plan, [...]
Otto Warmbier Got an Extra Dose of Brutality From North Korea. The Mystery Is Why.
Despite its longstanding enmity toward the United States and its allies, North Korea remains deeply sensitive to outside criticism of its human rights record, billing itself as a righteous nation that respects international norms. And [...]