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European Vote Reveals an Ever More Divided France

In a series of books, Mr. Guilluy developed the idea of a “peripheral France,” foreshadowing the Yellow Vest revolt. “They should be worried,” Mr. Guilluy said of Mr. Macron’s supporters. “The big cities, the metropolises, they [...]

‘Anyone Ever Seen Cocaine?’ What We Found in the Archives of Bernie Sanders’s Long-Lost TV Show.

Holly Otterbein is a reporter for Politico. */ ]]> Dozens of children scurry on the screen across Ethan Allen Park in Burlington, Vermont, bobbing for apples and running three-legged races. It is a beaming July day, and they’re at [...]

POLITICO Playbook: The Trumpiest thing ever

Presented by */ ]]> President Donald Trump stands near a portrait of George Washington at a Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride event on Thursday, April 18. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo DRIVING THE DAY THE POST-MUELLER STATE OF [...]

Inside the Beltway: Unbowed and forthright, Trump ‘stronger than ever’

Following his vindication by special counsel Robert Mueller about Russia collusion, some observers have suggested that President Trump make a meek and docile public appearance before Americans to convince the citizenry that he has value to [...]

Netanyahu-Trump Partnership Is Stronger Than Ever. Are These Its Final Days?

What was missing with Mr. Trump, however, was the curb on Mr. Netanyahu that Mr. Clinton and Barack Obama had each applied, Mr. Shavit said: “The fact that he’d had a Democratic president was like his external superego.” “The [...]

Of Civil Wars and Family Feuds: Brexit Is More Divisive Than Ever

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Britain’s planned departure from the European Union has split homes and workplaces, friendships and marriages. The divide shows no sign of narrowing. Source: NYT > World

The Battle Against One of the Worst Ebola Epidemics Ever Is in Trouble

Efforts to end the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the second largest such epidemic ever, are failing because outside organizations have alienated the communities, leading residents to avoid medical care and even [...]

Poland and Israel’s Embrace as Awkward as Ever Despite Shared Adversary in E.U.

In July, Mr. Orban flew to Israel, praying at the Western Wall and visiting Yad Vashem, the memorial to the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust. Mr. Netanyahu has had greater difficulty finessing the relationship with Poland. A year [...]

New York voters give Cuomo and Schumer their ‘lowest ratings ever’ says poll

There’s disconcerting news for both Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, according to a new Siena College poll. New Yorkers are not entirely thrilled with the two Empire State Democrats. “Voters give Cuomo and [...]

POLITICO Playbook: Trump on whether he’s worked for the Russians: ‘Most insulting thing I’ve ever been asked’

Presented by */ ]]> President Donald Trump didn’t answer yes or no when asked Saturday if he was working or had ever worked for Russia. | Juan Mabromata/AFP/Getty Images DRIVING THE DAY SUNDAY SIREN — WAPO’S GREG MILLER: [...]