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European officials draft radical plan to take on Trump and U.S. tech companies

European Commission officials are pushing their president-elect, Ursula von der Leyen, to set up a European Future Fund that would invest more than $ 100 billion in equity stakes in high-potential European companies. | AP Photo/Thanassis [...]

Battered Russian Women, Widely Ignored by Police, Turn to European Courts

MOSCOW — He beat her. He kidnapped her. He threatened to kill her. But this was Russia, where domestic violence is both endemic and widely ignored. Every time Valeriya Volodina went to the police for protection from her ex-boyfriend, [...]

European Heat Wave? It’s the New Normal.

Temperatures were set to soar across Europe beginning on Wednesday, with authorities from Paris to Warsaw issuing heat alerts, canceling events and bracing for potentially record heat across the region. Meteorologists say the temperatures, [...]

Rise of the Right: European Populists Emerge Victorious Again.

Tweet reddit Whatsapp Email Share Share Print Twenty-eight European Union member nations went to the polls this weekend to cast their vote to send yet another message to the political establishment of the continent. The message is again [...]

Ian Dunt on Brexit, European elections, and fighting demagogic populism

Brexit is still in chaos, and things didn’t get any clearer with the results of the European Parliament elections, that seemed to hand victory to populists across the board, both pro- and anti- Brexit. Joining us again on the UnPresidented [...]

European Vote Reveals an Ever More Divided France

In a series of books, Mr. Guilluy developed the idea of a “peripheral France,” foreshadowing the Yellow Vest revolt. “They should be worried,” Mr. Guilluy said of Mr. Macron’s supporters. “The big cities, the metropolises, they [...]

Nigel Farage’s Populist Brexit Party Wins Big in European Parliament Elections

Britain’s new populist Brexit Party was on course to win the country’s European Parliament elections, according to early results released on Sunday, further roiling the already turbulent politics of a country polarized over its [...]

5 Takeaways From the European Elections

BRUSSELS — The most prominent takeaways from the results of the elections for the European Parliament are fragmentation and polarization. Fragmentation, because traditional mainstream parties of the center-right and center-left lost seats [...]

Populist tide rises but fails to flood European Union

BERLIN — Phew. Turns out the bark of Europe’s far right is worse than its bite. Yes, illiberal parties did well in France and Italy, Poland, Hungary and beyond. But overall no better than expected, and in some cases worse so. Bottom line: [...]

European Election Results: The Mainstream Loses Ground

This article will update as new election results come in. • Exit polls across the 28 E.U. member states that voted for the bloc’s parliament suggest the erosion of Europe’s mainstream parties is intensifying. • A brash gamble [...]