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Israeli lawmaker to PM: Dismiss US envoy over aide scandal

JERUSALEM (AP) – An opposition Israeli lawmaker is calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to dismiss his ambassador to Washington for failing to report sexual assault allegations against a top Netanyahu aide. Karin Elharrar says [...]

U.S. Isn’t Holding Up Its End of Nuclear Deal, North Korean Envoy Charges

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho warned that Pyongyang would not start denuclearizing unless Washington took reciprocal actions. Source: NYT > World

‘Nobody in the bullpen’: White House approaches North Korea talks without envoy

The Trump administration is barreling ahead in its high-stakes nuclear diplomacy with North Korea even though it lacks a full-time envoy to oversee the negotiations. Currently, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is serving as the point man on [...]
Brownback, no longer in Kansas, has ‘big’ plans as religious freedom envoy
Sam Brownback wants to convince global policymakers that promoting religious freedom can reduce terrorism and boost the economy. | John Hanna/AP Photo [...]
Kim Jong-un of North Korea Fetes Chinese Envoy as Ties Warm
Mr. Kim’s friendly welcome also contrasted with the reception that Mr. Song received the last time he visited North Korea, as a special envoy of Mr. Xi in November. At that time, Mr. Kim refused to meet him and launched an intercontinental [...]
North Korean Envoy in Sweden Amid Planning for Trump-Kim Meeting
Mr. Trump’s decision to accept Mr. Kim’s invitation to meet shocked the diplomatic establishment last week, coming after months of bellicose insults and threats between the two leaders and their governments. Any meeting, should it [...]
Nyet, thanks: Congress greets new Russian envoy with closed doors
Russia’s new ambassador to the United States has been described as both ruthless and charming. Since his arrival in Washington six months ago, he has emphasized the charm — hosting parties, giving speeches and even launching [...]
Trump Likened to ‘a Dog Barking’ by North Korea’s Top Envoy
Other than Mr. Ri’s remarks, there has been no reaction from the North Korean government or Mr. Kim. But on Thursday, the North’s official Korean Central News Agency reported that Mr. Kim had been visiting orchards. “I feel so good [...]
When U.N. Envoy Nikki Haley Talks, Does President Trump Listen?
A crucial test of her influence on him will come this week during Mr. Trump’s maiden visit to the United Nations, the organization he has repeatedly pilloried and whose very reason for being — international cooperation — he has [...]
His Health Crisis Made Public, Palestinian Envoy Pushes On
It is no secret that Mr. Erekat, who is still working and meeting with international diplomats, requires oxygen from a mobile tank. And now, it is out in the open that he is waiting for a lifesaving transplant. But after the news exposure [...]