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‘Enough is enough’: Dems pressure McConnell to act on guns

poster=”https://static.politico.com/32/e7/8d3fc6e14b7393340f0edc639e3a/dingellhoyer.png” true Congress House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer also said the Judiciary Committee would return to Washington early to consider [...]

Planned Parenthood’s Leana Wen Wasn’t Woke Enough And Nor Are You

Tweet reddit Whatsapp Email Share Share Print On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood’s Board of Directors announced it would be exercising its legal right to terminate Leana Wen’s presidency eight months into her term. It is not known [...]

‘This place has enough creepy old men’: GOP vows to crush Roy Moore

Roy Moore’s reemergence as a candidate evoked disgust among Republican senators as it dawned on them they will have to confront him once again before he potentially costs them another seat. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images congress Republicans [...]

Lauren Southern’s Borderless Deleted By YouTube. ENOUGH.

Tweet reddit Whatsapp Email Share Share Print Today, YouTube removed Lauren Southern’s new documentary Borderless from its platform, less than 24 hours after Southern made it available to the general public. No explanation was given. Because [...]

Sarah Sanders: Members of Congress not smart enough to review Trump’s tax returns

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders would not say Sunday whether President Trump will order the Internal Revenue Service not to release his tax returns to House Democrats as they renew their efforts to force the disclosure. “The president [...]

Trump-Russia, the latest Trump attack on Obamacare, and whether Pete Buttigieg is gay enough

Home News Trump-Russia, the latest Trump attack on Obamacare, and whether Pete Buttigieg is gay enough In today’s episode, Cliff is back and we talk the latest Mueller Report fallout, Trump’s new effort to declare the entire Affordable [...]

Theresa May Put Her Head on the Block for Her Brexit Deal. It Might Not Be Enough.

LONDON — One thing that we have learned about Prime Minister Theresa May over the last two years: She does not give up. Even when her task seems impossible, when she fails on the most public stage imaginable, when she is sick, and [...]

Why Kamala Harris is glad people are asking if she’s black enough

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris poses for a selfie with Winston-Salem State University Chancellor Elwood Robinson during a Thurgood Marshall College Fund event Feb. 7 in Washington. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images 2020 [...]

Malaysia says Goldman Sachs must pay, apology not enough

PUTRAYAJAYA, Malaysia (AP) – Malaysia’s Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said Friday that an apology by Goldman Sachs for its role in the alleged multibillion-dollar ransacking of state investment fund 1MDB was insufficient and that it [...]

How a Taliban Assassin Got Close Enough to Kill a General

In Kandahar, the security of one of most critical provinces in Afghanistan was immediately cast into question with the death of General Raziq, who held together by force of personality a network that outstripped the capabilities of the [...]