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National emergency senate vote count: Here’s how senators voted

The Senate on Thursday voted to overturn President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency, a harsh rebuke of the president’s attempt to go around Congress to fund a border wall. Twelve Republicans defected and joined all Democrats [...]

Why Trump didn’t stop a GOP revolt on his border emergency

The Republican revolt on the Senate floor followed a haphazard and erratic persuasion effort from President Donald Trump. | Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images national emergency The president’s haphazard persuasion efforts led to [...]

Senate deals blow to Trump in vote to terminate border emergency

President Donald Trump urged Republicans to stand with him ahead of the vote, tweeting “a vote for today’s resolution by Republican Senators is a vote for Nancy Pelosi, Crime, and the Open Border Democrats!” | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty [...]

Trump, GOP watch for Tillis vote on border emergency

WASHINGTON (AP) – The White House is watching him. Republicans in Washington and battleground North Carolina are taking note. And Sen. Thom Tillis is again in the tense middle of a test of how closely he’ll stand with President Donald [...]

Trump and Dems destroy GOP effort to escape national emergency bind

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer implored the Senate GOP on Wednesday morning to vote with Senate Democrats to disapprove of the president’s national emergency declaration. | AP Photo/Andrew Harnik Congress The president [...]

Fearing mass GOP defections, Trump leans in to emergency fight

“The president’s taking this pretty personally,” said Sen. Ron Johnson. The Wisconsin Republican said he will not vote to rebuke President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration. | Zach Gibson/Getty Images Share on [...]

Rand Paul to oppose Trump on national emergency

Sen. Rand Paul is the fourth GOP senator to pledge to vote against the disapproval resolution when it comes up for a vote in the Senate this month. | AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin Congress The Kentucky Republican’s vote on a disapproval [...]

Opponents of Trump border emergency close to votes needed

WASHINGTON (AP) – Senate opponents of President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the Mexican border have moved very close to having enough votes to prevail, and one Republican suggested the president risks a rebuff [...]

Republicans pressure Trump to back down on border emergency

The president’s national emergency declaration for border wall funding is “unnecessary, unwise and inconsistent with the Constitution,” Sen. Lamar Alexander said. | Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images National Emergency Sen. Lamar [...]

Lamar Alexander to Trump: Rethink border emergency declaration

An influential Republican senator urged President Trump on Thursday to rethink his border emergency declaration and come up with other money he can use to build his border wall. Sen. Lamar Alexander, Tennessee Republican, said the president [...]