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E.U. Hoped to Put Its House in Order This Year. Not Even Close.

BRUSSELS — This was supposed to be the year Europe put its house in order. It would finally ratify a deal with Britain on its departure from the bloc. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, with his grand plans to revitalize the Continent, [...]

In a Seething Pro-Brexit Town, Doubts Creep in About Leaving the E.U.

Thiemo Fetzer, an economics professor at the University of Warwick, has found that a significant number of people voted for Brexit not because they were ideologically opposed to the European Union, but rather because they wanted a way [...]

It’s Not Too Late to Scrap Brexit, E.U. Court Official Says

To critics, this means that Britain would be neither fully in the European Union nor out, and that it would have no say in making rules that it would be bound by, and no clear way to end the backstop. Mrs. May’s one advantage is that [...]

Trump Blindsides May, Calling Her Brexit Deal ‘Great for the E.U.’

LONDON — As Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain continued her effort on Monday to sell her agreement to withdraw from the European Union to skeptics in Parliament, she was blindsided by President Trump, who called the agreement [...]

Brexit Deal Has the Backing of E.U. Leaders. What Happens Now?

LONDON — Now for the harder part. On Sunday, the 27 other members of the European Union gave the green light to Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal to seal Britain’s divorce from the bloc. But she still has huge hurdles to overcome. What’s [...]

U.K. and E.U. Leaders Cinch Brexit Divorce Terms

BRUSSELS — More than four decades after Britain tied itself to its Continental neighbors, Prime Minister Theresa May obtained the approval of the other 27 European Union members on a formal divorce pact from the bloc, Donald Tusk, [...]

E.U., Fearing Italy Is ‘Sleepwalking Into Instability,’ Considers Punishment

ROME — The European Union upped the ante in a standoff with Italy on Wednesday, taking another step toward punishing a government that has repeatedly flouted its fiscal rules by insisting on a heavy-spending budget that fails to bring [...]

Britain and E.U. Agree on a Plan for Brexit

LONDON — British and European Union officials reached a long-awaited draft agreement on Tuesday on Britain’s troubled withdrawal from the bloc, opening the way for a high-stakes meeting of Prime Minister Theresa May’s most senior [...]

Stimulus Plan or Populist Giveaway? Italy’s Budget Sets Up Clash With E.U.

But the Five Star Movement campaigned explicitly on the promise of delivering that assistance, and their support ballooned in the south partly as a result. The economic realities that come with governing have forced the party to backtrack [...]

As Merkel Eyes Exit, Nervous E.U. Wonders Who’ll Take the Stage

BRUSSELS — The European stage Angela Merkel commanded for so long and so effectively may be cracking, if not collapsing. She has been the poster woman for Europe’s democratic center, but the center is imploding. She and Germany [...]