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Pelosi meets with Fudge and other foes amid speaker drama

Marcia Fudge said that should House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi fall short on the floor, the speakership question would come back to the caucus — when she could make a play for the job. | AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite Share on Facebook [...]

Inside the Beltway: Kavanaugh drama: Buckle up, pay attention

The first act is over, but the drama escalates. We’re talking, of course, of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s quest to become a Supreme Court justice — an important event played out on a complex set with a huge cast of characters, myriad distractions [...]

Hundreds of Cases a Day and a Flair for Drama: India’s Crusading Supreme Court

NEW DELHI — Following the headlines, you might get the feeling that India’s Supreme Court is everywhere at once, all the time. You wouldn’t be far off. On Thursday, the court struck down a colonial-era law making adultery a crime. [...]

Kavanaugh drama rattles GOP support

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, who serves on the Judiciary Committee, said the panel could vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination as early as Friday. | Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> Senate [...]

POLITICO Playbook PM: Drama in Manafort trial

Presented by The judge in Paul Manafort‘s trial told the courtroom Thursday he may have erred in chastising prosecutors the day before. | Alex [...]

Mueller injects new drama into Trump’s European whirlwind

WINDSOR CASTLE — The Range Rover inched slowly along the gravel path toward the castle, delivering President Donald Trump to the regal encounter he’d been anticipating for days: a meeting with the Queen of England strictly devoted to pomp [...]

Gamblers try to cash in on Trump’s Supreme Court drama

As of Thursday morning, Brett Kavanaugh, a judge on the D.C. Circuit Court, led the pack with a 41 percent chance of being the pick. | Chip Somodevila/Getty Images [...]
Trump signs an Alabama football, and drama ensues
When Cliff Sims cleared out his desk in the White House press office earlier this month, his colleagues immediately thought of the football incident — an odd and ultimately trivial episode that nonetheless attracted the attention [...]
Trump grows frustrated with Giuliani as Stormy Daniels drama rages on
President Donald Trump has shaken up his legal team in the last three weeks — and he’s still not happy. The president has been griping to associates that Rudy Giuliani, his new personal attorney, has failed to shut down the [...]
Corker-Blackburn drama risks must-win Senate seat for GOP
Republicans are increasingly unnerved by the rift between retiring Sen. Bob Corker and Marsha Blackburn, the GOP congresswoman vying to replace him, saying it could cost them a must-win seat in Tennessee. The duo’s chilly relationship [...]