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Outcry in Sweden Over Footage of Pregnant Black Woman Being Dragged From Train

STOCKHOLM — Footage of security officers dragging a pregnant black woman off a Stockholm subway train and pinning her to a bench has caused an outcry in Sweden, raising questions about the treatment of minorities in a country often [...]
Dreamers dragged through the mud
For much of his presidency, Donald Trump promised he’d treat Dreamers “with heart,” showing an unusual level of sympathy for someone whose hard-line immigration stance was the hallmark of his campaign. “I have a love for these [...]
Republicans yawn as protesters in wheelchairs dragged out of healthcare hearing
At the Senate’s first hearing on the Graham-Cassidy legislation, Republicans’ latest attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, disability advocates were dragged out of the room by Capitol Police for protesting the bill’s [...]

United Airlines’ stock is down a day after firestorm over passenger who was dragged from oversold plane

Despite facing a whirlwind of controversy after footage emerged on Monday of United Airlines violently forcing a paying passenger off of its plane to make room for several of its crew members, the company isn’t backing down from its position [...]

Video of Passenger Dragged From United Flight Creates Furor in China, Too

Photo Images from video show a passenger being removed from a United Airlines flight in Chicago on Sunday. Credit Audra D. Bridges, via Associated Press [...]