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Screaming Trump — sit down! sit down! — loses it at press conference over “national emergency” declaration

Home News Screaming Trump — sit down! sit down! — loses it at press conference over “national emergency” declaration Playboy White House correspondent Brian Karem absolutely destroyed Donald Trump today at a White House press conference [...]

Child Abuse Is ‘a Human Problem,’ Pope Says, Tamping Down Summit Expectations

“Resolving the problem in the church, we will help resolve it in society, and in families, where shame leads to cover up,” he said. Some Catholics have called for the church to reconsider the requirement of celibacy for priests, calling [...]

Senator steps down from leadership amid investigation

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) – A lawmaker who is the subject of an investigation into allegations of improper conduct has stepped down from his leadership positions on two Senate committees. Senate Democratic leadership announced Wednesday that [...]

White House lobbying blitz holds down GOP defections on funding bill

Vice President Mike Pence made a rare trip to the House GOP conference meeting, where he and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen spent more than an hour speaking to members about specifics of the wall. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images Share [...]

Brexit Is Coming Down to a Game of Brinkmanship

LONDON — Though she admits disliking the social side of politics, Prime Minister Theresa May hosted lawmakers at a party in Downing Street this week, hoping to salvage her much-maligned plans for Britain’s departure from the European [...]

Poland Cracks Down on Escape Rooms After Diversion Turns Deadly

WARSAW — It was supposed to be fun, but in the end, there was no escape. When a fire broke out in a squat, two-story concrete building in northwestern Poland, five 15-year-old girls died, trapped in a tiny windowless room no bigger [...]

The Interpreter: After a Rocky 2018, Populism Is Down but Far From Out in the West

LONDON — President Trump’s push for a border wall hints at a problem that populist leaders are facing across the Western world. After a year of setbacks, populist leaders and parties are trying to rejuvenate their fortunes by revitalizing [...]

McConnell keeps his head down as shutdown drags on

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s position is that Donald Trump, being a Republican president, doesn’t need help getting GOP votes. | M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> With the partial [...]

Iran’s Economic Crisis Drags Down the Middle Class Almost Overnight

Mr. Taymouri, saying it was best to let his money — or lack of it — do the talking, sat down and calculated the financial calamity that had befallen the family in the past year. Their monthly income fell from 50 million rials, or [...]

As China Cracks Down on Churches, Christians Declare ‘We Will Not Forfeit Our Faith’

CHENGDU, China — For months, Gu Baoluo had been looking forward to a boisterous Christmas celebration at one of China’s best-known Protestant churches. He loved decorating trees, singing songs like “Silent Night” and watching [...]